New Washing Machine

  Shopgirl 16:53 30 Mar 2011

Has anybody got
1: Indesit W1A121 Washing Machine?
Do you have the same problem
1 Takes about two hours to do 60 degree wash at programe three.
2: Then rinse
3:Then spin
Any solutions to my problem
Could i press the rapid wash button for programe three?
Looking forward to your views.
P.S. I have read the manual double dutch

  SB23 17:10 30 Mar 2011

I think you'll find that 2hrs is about the "norm" for a 60 degree wash, give or take a few mins.

As for the rapid wash, that will only be available on certain cycles. You'll have to try again with the manual, sorry.

  v1asco 17:48 30 Mar 2011

tried to google our instruction book but indesit don't recognise it.

However, drawing fom my experience of using loads of different brands I may be able to help.

The instruction book for a w101 gives 126 mins for prog 3, so probably your machine is ok.

The last machines I had with rapid wash will only let you programme it if it can be used (as SB23 says).

Prog 3 seems to be for heavily soiled, perhaps you can use a less intensive cycle for some wash? In this house we have an electrolux with a half hour wash which is fine for clothes changed daily, even OK for towels. We do have to give it a bigger spin at the end, which takes 10 minutes.

The instruction book should give the times for each programme, pick the quickest and try it!

Be Bold, or is it Aerial.

  v1asco 18:13 30 Mar 2011


  oresome 19:10 30 Mar 2011

Wash times have increased substantially on washing machines over the last few years.

If your previous washing machine was around 10 years old like ours, the wash times will have been about half what they are now.

I think it's in an effort to improve energy efficiency. The clothes spend much longer just soaking in the water with the machine not actually doing much.

  canarieslover 19:12 30 Mar 2011

According to your instruction manual you can use the rapid wash option on program 3. This should give approximately 30% reduction in cycle, i.e. about 42 mins less. Manual click here Page 9 has info on Rapid Wash.
I agree with bugle that you should perhaps look at using a less intensive wash and at a lower temperature with more modern powders.

  Shopgirl 21:57 30 Mar 2011

Thanks to all your views
I will try the rapid wash at program 3 next time.

  BT 08:41 31 Mar 2011

Mainly because the majority of new machines are now Cold Fill, so whereas your machine used to fill with hot water and get on with the washing it now has to sit and heat it up which adds substantially to the cycle time.

  oresome 13:40 31 Mar 2011

Using domestic hot water in a dual fill machine isn't as straightforward as it appears.

1) The dual fill machines didn't accept domestic hot water for other than the hottest wash programmes else the water could be too hot for the programme and cannot be reliably controlled.

2) Water useage on the actual wash (as opposed to the rinsing) is quite low and the tub will have filled in many cases before the domestic hot water system has run off the cold water stood in the pipework.

  BT 16:51 31 Mar 2011

My Hotpoint uses Hot water only for the 60C wash and a mix of hot and cold for the 40C wash. You can hear the difference as the water goes in and you can hear it change if you turn on a tap while its happening.

It doesn't alter the fact though that if you have a cold fill machine the wash will take much longer if it has to heat water up from cold, especially on a hotter wash.

  Wirelessroamer 15:10 07 May 2011

Does anytbody have a list of Dual Fill Washing machines? I hadn't realised it was an issue till I came to replace my 10 year old machine and looked at the cycle times on new ones. I also don't want to spend money heating up water when I already have a good supply of Hot.

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