New Mesh Machine

  xebec 11:15 27 Mar 2003

I ordered a new machine from Mesh and then read the posts here!! The PC seems to work OK. However I have encountered 2 problems.

1) Registration online. Having typed my serial number and postcode nothing happens. I am just prompted for them again.

2) Neither the CDRW drive or the Sony DVDRewriter seem to recognise blank CDRW media. The CD drive seems to be treating it as a CDR and the Sony doesnt respond at all.
I also have some CDRW discs with files on copied under Windows 95 using a HP CD Rewriter. These discs are being treated as read only. I dont know whether these problems are linked or whether it is a Windows 95/XP incompatibility.

Any thoughts.

I have e-mailed Mesh (2 days ago and 5 minutes ago)- and waited 5 minutes for no answer on the phone line - and have no response as yet.

David G

  ordep 12:37 27 Mar 2003

Don't know much about such things xebec but, have you installed all the latest drivers for your hardware.

  wing-zero 14:43 27 Mar 2003

did you uses this e-mail address if not use it

[email protected]

  xebec 15:10 27 Mar 2003

Amazing how asking the question often leads you to the answers.

I have now registered. Simple solution: There are 2 reference numbers, Serial number and Product ID. Mesh needs one with dashes and the other without - although both are shown with dashes in the examples on the website.

The other issues are probably better addressed to Helproom.

I did use the e-mail address as suggested this morning. No doubt answers will be forthcoming, sometime

  Andsome 09:13 28 Mar 2003

I am always puzzled at the number of reply on this forum which suggest checking for latest drivers, as a solution for a problem. Surely if a product is new it should work properly. I am on my third computer and have NEVER installed new drivers for anything. If a product works when new, why should there suddenly be a need for new drivers? Forgive me, but I am completely in the dark regarding the actual workings of a computer, but if original drivers work when the product is new, why should they suddenly stop working???

  dfoley 00:15 01 Apr 2003

I had similar problem with mine when purchassed from Mesh. Guess what they never responded or fixed, still doesnt work.

  Kyomii 02:05 01 Apr 2003

Firstly, what recording software have you got installed for both drives? Secondly what packet writing software have you got installed?

If you have two different types of packet writing software this can cause problems and is a definate no-no, so uninstall one of them and try again.

If you have no packet writing software installed (like In CD) then install one - and only one type.

Also, as with your DVD burner, it is very likely that the CDRW disks may not be compatible with the burner - remember that DVD burners are much slower than standard RW drives and require the correct compatible disks to work effectivley - they are more "fussy" than CDR drives.

As an example some people may purchase disks that are capable of writing up to 40X for a 16X writer and they then encounter problems (not in all cases) - simple issues like the above can cause many glitches.

Your CDRW may also find the disks incompatible, so try another brand if you can - not every brand of disk is compatible with every writer.

However, today, you may find it cheaper to use standard CDr's instead of CDRW disks because they are so cheap to purchase.

CDRW disks do not come without their problems, and, if you cannot solve the problem it may be better to just turn to standard CDrs.

Also, a blank disk is not entirely blank - a small amount of information is contained on the disk.

These disks also need formatting before use (although you will probably know that) and you need the correct software settings (file format etc) to achieve this - so try checking your settings within your program.

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