Networking XP Machines can't log into machine

  jtay78 13:00 22 Feb 2011

Hi guys !

Running Windows XP

Im a bit Dizzy as i can't seem to workout what's going wrong or what im doing wrong lol!!!
8 Pc's on the network, all can view files etc.apart from one Pc Lets just call this "Bob1"

It keeps asking for user name and password, now there's no user name or password on the giving pc, file and sharing is open and all the right ports giving. what i can't understand is that the reaming 7 pc's on the network has the same setup and files permissions, on the same subnet and can ping each other to my knowledge.

So just to prove myself wrong i made a password for the pc that was asking for one on the network and this still did not work.

so to cut the story short 7 pc's can search each other fine but on "Bob1" keeping asking for user name and password.

If you need more info then please give me a shout!


  Strawballs 19:40 22 Feb 2011

Are all the machines running window XP?

  jtay78 08:09 02 Mar 2011

yea all machines are using Windows XP Pro! all machines are or the same network group ! Firewalls have been taken off and even on the Router just to check it's not that ! all PC's don't have any passwords, File sharing is turned on and been giving full access.

what i don't understand is why i can connect to the other machines but when i try to connect to the other pc it ask's me for a user name and password? so i went around this and gave it a user name and password and still that did not work ? lol

any tips would be great !

Thanks in Adv


  mgmcc 12:19 02 Mar 2011

Windows networking really does seem to have a mind of its own sometimes. The Username/Password you're being prompted for is that for the *remote* computer that you are trying to access.

If it doesn't have a Password set, leave that field blank and just enter the Username that you are logged into it with. For example if, in Windows Explorer, it shows "jtay78's Documents" then you are logged in with the Username "jtay78".

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