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  tuesday123 17:37 02 Nov 2007

Hi All

I have a PC, use Outlook for e-mail, and also have all mine and my sisters work in various files. She has recently purchased a MAC. Is the only way she could access e-mails that have been sent to me - to forward them to her yahoo e-mail? also, is the only way for her to access my folders is to send them? she seems to think that there is Microsoft type software for a MAC. Is she gets this can we network our computers?

or am i just taking nonsense?! thank you, katie

  Simsy 17:56 02 Nov 2007

in a solution for this!

Sorry for the hijack!



  Daveboy 21:31 02 Nov 2007

Post your query into the "network" forum for best response.

  mgmcc 08:22 03 Nov 2007

There isn't a problem networking the Mac with a PC for "File Sharing", although I did find "Printer Sharing" very problematical and I'm not sure I could detail how I eventually got that working.

Put the Mac in the same Workgroup as the Windows PCs by going to "Utilities > Directory Access". Select SMB/CIFS and click the Configure button. A box opens in which to enter the Workgroup. Leave thee WINS Server line blank.

Now go into "System Preferences > Internet & Network > Sharing". Tick the boxes for "Personal File Sharing" and "Windows Sharing".

That is basically it. The Mac should appear in the PC's "My Network Places" and the Mac should be able to access the PC from "Finder" using "Go > Connect to Server". Enter the server in the form:




As with any Local Area Network, ensure that firewalls are configured to allow access to the networked computers.

Not sure what the email solution is. I use Thunderbird in both PC and Mac but even then it wouldn't be straightforward to transfer mailboxes between platforms.

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