Networking with PC, laptop and iMac

  KJC29 09:18 15 Nov 2006

My son has just invetsed in an iMac and we have added it to the home network. We use a Belkin 54g 802.11g router and have 4mb cable broadband via NTL.
The internet has slowed down a little for the PC (which is the master) and laptop (both of these run Windows XP) although NTL have been having some problems so we don't know if it is the new addition or NTL causing the change.
However, the iMac is not at all happy - it will connect to the internet but is spectacularly slow and the connections just don't happen in the end and the network is lost.
1.We are thinking of connecting the iMac with a wire rather than relying just on wireless - although the laptop used to work fine wirelessly from the same location.
2. We also wonder if we need to invest ina better router.
3. Or do we need to up the speed to 10mb?
Any thoughts?

  HighTower 18:27 09 Feb 2007

I can't give you an answer but can sympathise as I have previously experienced the same problem. My office once ran one Mac and 2 PC's. For some reason the PC always hogged the bandwidth and the Mac was left with pretty slow access speeds. If the PC wasn't using the connection then the Mac speed was fine.

Is your Mac slow regardless of whether your other equipment is turned on or not?

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