Networking Mac iBook to PC WinME to use ICS

  Mr Peegley 19:36 07 May 2003

I am trying to get my son's Apple Mac iBook to use my internet connection sharing on my home PC.

The network is working well and I can transfer files both ways from the PC.

ICS works fine when I use it from my XP laptop, but the Mac clearly needs some more detail to get this going.

The PC is running Windows 98ME and the iBook is running MAC OS X 10.2.5

Any advice welcome.

  recap 20:23 07 May 2003

click here|169883903 it may help?

  Mr Peegley 00:14 08 May 2003

Recap, thanks for the pointer. I have looked here already. I believe I may have to do something with DHCP and or modify the registry as mentioned at click here;en-us;q230148

I have even found an article on the MS support site which looks ideal click here;en-us;230585 but it refers to a much older version of IE on the MAC (v4.5) whereas I have v5.2 on the MAC iBook.

It may be that Win ME is just too old to be compatible with MAC OS X 10.2.5?

Anyone else have any ideas?

  Taran 02:16 08 May 2003

What kind of internet connection are you trying to share via your PC ?

If it's a standard 56k narrowband modem for the PC web access I need to know. Likewise, if you have broadband I need to know whether it's ADSL or cable, and whether you have a router.

For Mac OS 9 you need a hardware or software router to get any kind of workable internet connection sharing between a Mac and a PC. The two most popular software programs (arguably) are IPNetRouter and SoftRouter which both do an excellent job and are reasonably easy to use. There have been reports of IPNetRouter working under Mac OS X, but I can only vouch for it personally under Mac OS 9 and unless someone can verify otherwise we'll temporarily rule it out for now. Basically, you need to open up your TCP/IP Control Panel, Set "Ethernet" and "DHCP" and this should get a result, at least for OS 9.

For Mac OS X you need NAT (Network Address Translation) which, unless you know Unix, is unbelievably and horrifically complicated to configure. So that's the bad news out of the way.

The good news is, with a bit of detail from you, it ceases to be "unbelievably and horrifically complicated" and tones down to being just a right royal pain to set up. The trouble with NAT is knowing which ports to leave open and which ones to allow traffic through. Since your network is operating properly, I'd imagine your problem could just be that the necessary ports aren't open.

Let me know how the network is set up between the Mac and PC (I'm assuming unless you say otherwise that you're using a simple crossover network cable) and which type of internet connection you are trying to share.

In theory, all we need to do is set the Mac to get its traffic through DHCP, but much can depend on what you are trying to share and how you want traffic controlled so while the theory may sound simple, in practise it sometimes isn't. The easy way to try this is set the PC as a DHCP server and the Mac to respond to DHCP. This makes the PC broadcast an address to the Mac which is set up to receive it but I don't see any point in doing this as your current network is fine.

Some people use proxy solutions for Mac/PC ICS, but I'm not a fan of this for a lot of very good reasons which I shan't bother you with. I'd stay clear of proxies though, if they happen to be suggested at some point.

AppleshareIP is possibly worth a look.

Incidentally, if your son gets his hands on the Jaguar browser for his Mac it features built in Internet Connection Sharing.

As much detail as you can please, and I'll walk you through the process, but be patient because I'm in and out of the Helproom an awful lot and sometimes skip a day due to work commitments.



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