need to replace an xp machine

  johnnyrocker 15:32 19 Nov 2008

due to some recent problems with my machine i need to replace it, shopping around everyone seems to want to sell vista ( knowing problems experienced by others here) i wish to have xp or a new build with xp has anyone any reccommendations please?


  citadel 16:27 19 Nov 2008

I think microsoft has stopped xp sales. cyberpower still offer it in the customize software part of configuration.

  tullie 16:29 19 Nov 2008

Try novatech

  rdave13 16:30 19 Nov 2008

I've read a lot of threads about Cougar Extreme here and they're recommended. You can have a choice of OSs including XP. Though I haven't used them.

  rdave13 16:31 19 Nov 2008

Link for CE; click here

  ventanas 16:43 19 Nov 2008

Yep, all sales of XP ceased in June, except for a few exceptions on very low spec machines such as netbooks.
I understand that it's no-longer legal to sell it pre-installed.
But there is absolutely nothing wrong with Vista - period. Don't listen to the rubbish put out by some.

  Graham. 17:51 19 Nov 2008

You can buy an XP disc with licence from Ebuyer. Home edition is £66.30 click here

That will widen your choice.

  Spark6 20:01 19 Nov 2008

XP Home OEM - £62.27. XP Pro OEM - £97.52. Service pack 3 with both. Novatech's Winter brochure received today!

  johnnyrocker 20:03 19 Nov 2008

my thanks to all it would seem novatech or cougar are my best bets


  stlucia 07:52 20 Nov 2008

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with Vista -- provided you use hardware and software that's Vista compatible.

A new PC should not be an issue in this respect, but if you want to carry over the peripherals and software from your old PC, Vista can be a big problem. After getting "known compatibility issues" messages on each of the first three items I tried to install onto my new Vista PC from my old XP one, I formatted the HDD and installed XP. So I can sympathise with johnnyrocker.

  MAJ 09:20 20 Nov 2008

I guess you were an ME fan as well. Vista is the reincarnation of that awful OS. Yes some liked/loved ME and some will like/love Vista, but to put it mildly, it's not the great success MS wished it to be, unless you go by their tied-in sales figures. Speaking as someone who is getting really pee-ed off with getting called out to get it to work properly with older (but not so old) software and peripherals, getting it to shutdown/startup properly, I hope it dies a short but painful death.

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