My Wacom tablet now won't fit in my new machine

  erkmatrix 09:56 01 Sep 2006

Just gone to install my Wacom Tablet on my new PC I got last week from PC Specialist and noticed at the back where the keyboard goes in it doesn't have the right socket, my tablet has 9 holes so needing a 9 pined pronged socket at the back of my machine.

Theres only a long purple holed one for a printer and a 15 holed blue one 4 usb and a keyboard and mouse socket.

Is there a converter i can get, or is it possible to take off the back panel from my old machine and put it on this one, but I'm not very accomplished with computers so it would have to be straight forward.


  pj123 10:33 01 Sep 2006

You should be able to get a PCI to Serial adapter, similar to this:

click here

  Diemmess 11:08 01 Sep 2006

Are you saying that your tablet has a 9 pin plug in the end of it? (9-pin "D" connector)
If so, it must be quite an old version of the Wacom.

My earliest one had this Serial Port connector and pen which was also connected permanently to the tablet.
If that is yours then you may have a lot of difficulty.

They have USB connectors on all current models,

The one I use at present had an adapter in the box with the purple (PS2) changing on to a larger circular DIN connection for the mouse.
My mouse has a PS2 plug and so I needed another adapter of a type which is still available ...... if you follow.

It is sad, but you may have a difficult if not fruitless chase if the tablet is very old.
USB is so much more simple.

  erkmatrix 11:34 01 Sep 2006

yeah the tablet is a oldy one, an intuos first edition one A6 size, my old machine had 2 serial ports for it, this one doesn't.

On the tablet it also has the power plug connected fits into the end of the plug that goes into my machine.

So isn't there no 9 pronged pin adapter to mouse socket or to usb. I can't really afford getting a new tablet.

  Diemmess 12:05 01 Sep 2006

I don't <know> whether or not such an adapter is available, you would seem to need a PS2 plug to a 9pin D (male).
This would occupy the purple PS2 mouse socket on the computer. Then unless the mouse is USB where to plug that in?
Unlike USB, swopping plugs while switched on is a very bad idea.

The interim version which I have is like a splitter. The outlet is direct to the tablet with the option to plug a mouse in to the "spare" lead.

As pj123 implied, it should be possible to fit a card inside your computer.... a PCI to Serial port card. I think this is a better link click here but the price is high.
Also I doubt the wisdom of interfering with the hardware on a brand new computer

Sorry junipaire, I hope someone with more technical knowledge will chip in here.

  erkmatrix 12:54 01 Sep 2006

Would this work, I found something that looks like it has the male end 9 pins to ps2 which would be ok to fix into my mouse socket at the back as I have a usb mouse pluged into the front of my machine

PS2 to COM Adaptor - female to male [ref a4]

end 1 : ps/2 (6 pin DIN) female
end 2 : COM (9 pin D) male

half way down the page it features it
click here

  erkmatrix 13:02 01 Sep 2006

or would this work into my printer serial port at the back click here

  erkmatrix 14:13 01 Sep 2006

whats best to go for, adapter to 25 printer port, mouse ps2 port or a usb converter

  Diemmess 14:59 01 Sep 2006

Its a small inexpensive gamble but the adapter is well down that page and described as "PS2 to COM Adaptor - male to male [ref a7]"

It might be all you need though I wouldn't bet
my all on that!

As for playing with printer ports I simply don't know..... just suspect you would be wasing your time and energy.
The same goes for USB

By the way I have emailed FE and am hoping he has deleted that idiot Giants post.

  €dstowe 15:13 01 Sep 2006

Rather than take any risks with your new computer, I would suggest investing in a new USB Wacom.

  erkmatrix 15:18 01 Sep 2006

I've now opted for the converter to ps2, it was only £4.50 so hope it works.

why Edstowe would it risk the PC trying a converter

I would buy a new Wacom if I had the money but they cost a few hundred which I unfortunatly don't have. it would be nice though

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