Is My PCU Powerful Enough For Gaming Machine

  roclive1 09:52 01 Jan 2010

Is a 500 watt PSU sufficient to power a gaming computer that runs on an 8G RAM/14.4Ghz quad core machine? The fuse has recently blown whilst playing a game.
The PC is off 'ebay' (item id: 170371186740), and the specs are:
CPU: AMD Phenom Quad Core 9500 3.6 Ghz FSB
Graphics Card: 2x1 GB SLI Sync 9500GT
1 400G Hard Drive & 1 DVD RW Drive
I haven't overclocked.
Although advertised as being 14Ghz (3.6), in the computer itself it states 2.6
Any advice much appreciated.

  jamesd1981 10:01 01 Jan 2010

would depend what level of gaming your doing for average games should be fine mine is a 450 w and does what i need but if your playing the latest powerful graphic games you might be worth upgrading to 850 w.

  jimv7 10:08 01 Jan 2010

AMD Phenom Quad Core 9500 runs at 2.2 GHz unless it has been overclocked. click here

A 14Ghz cpu is a pipe-dream, at this moment in time.

  jamesd1981 12:42 01 Jan 2010

use a program called speecy it will give you accurate details of your pcs hardware including what speed cpu runs at aswell as hard disk size and rpm

  User-312386 13:11 01 Jan 2010

It really makes me angry when people add the cores together and say its a 14ghz machine. I think the PSU maybe slightly under powered unless its a good branded name. I would get at least a 600 watt branded PSU. If you buy cheap, you get cheap results

  Heston 13:39 01 Jan 2010

I'd say that was a poor spec machine for the price. And you don't get an operating system.

  Heston 13:43 01 Jan 2010

Think you've been had!

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