My first Mac! SSD question!

  Mixersmate 17:49 17 Mar 2015

Hello everyone, I posted this same message on the apple community but didn't get much response so I thought I would try here! I decided a few weeks ago it was time for a new Laptop, so after hours of searching for a budget windows machine I thought 'its time I pushed the boat out' and treated myself to a MacBook pro, I believe it is a mid 2012 machine. After reading up on the benefits of a SSD upgrade and a RAM upgrade I would like to attempt these myself (I am a computer novice.) the RAM seems easy enough, pick the right sort for my Mac, 16GB is what I would like, probably from is what I am currently thinking, but the SSD has got me going round in circles, I have googled it for hours, some say crucial, some say samsung, some say OWC and just now my google search has brought up Angelbird, which says it has built in TRIM. And as for TRIM, some say it is essential, others sat don't worry about it! I would like to upgrade the OS to Yosemite and I have read that trim isn't possible on this version of OS, does that mean Angelbird is the way to go? Something around 250GB would be ideal and affordable for me, however I have seen a Samsung 500GB on which looks to be a good price, here is the link to it:

click here someone could point me in the right direction on all these issues I would be very grateful, I bet you guys have heard these questions a million times before so please accept my apologies if you are fed up of them! Thanks very much, Craig.


  Sapins 16:21 18 Mar 2015

Try here or just Google Apple SSD upgrade.

click here

  wee eddie 20:18 22 Mar 2015

As a newcomer to the Mac Community you should be aware that Macs and PC's are somewhat different.

Of course, you can change the specification of a Mac but it's not part of the culture as it is with PC's.

Your 2012 Mac will probably have a Thunderbolt Port. This will leave USB3 dead in the water. If you want extra storage get a Thunderbolt External Hard Drive.

Macs don't have the same speed problems as PCs. So, although a SSD will be faster than a Disk Drive, the difference is not so noticeable.

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