mpeg2 temporary storage on Apple Photo i-Pod 60 Gb

  preb 01:08 06 Jan 2006

I have a mini-dvd camcorder which records mpeg2 files. When on the road with this can anyone tell me, please, what would happen if I downloaded mpeg2 discs to an Apple Photo i-Pod 60 Gb player purely for storage purposes so that I can carry fewer discs and re-use them after download? I know that this i-Pod plays mpeg4 format, butI don't want to play the disc content on the i-Pod just store it there to upload to PC when I get back home.
I strongly suspect that this wouldn't work and either I wouldn't be able to download the camcorder files in the first place or, whatever is downloaded will then upload onto my PC as scrambled garbage.
[I've loked at the 'everything-i-Pod'sites but it isn't totally clear there.]
Does anyone know of a multi-Gb handheld device which I can use to store mpeg2 files on the road?
Thanks in anticipation.

  Skills 04:46 06 Jan 2006

How about getting an external hard drive. Lots of storage space and handy for backups as well. Depending on the model and size of drive probably set you back around £80.

Hang on ive just re read you're post do you mean you want to download footage straight from your camcorder to a portable device? If so im not sure if thats possible. If im correct in my thinking you'll need to capture the footage from your camcorder to any device you use. Two ways of doing that as far as I can see a, use normal method of software on PC to pc hard drive b, take a line out from your camcorder and plug it into the line in on a device that is capable of recording the source footage. As a ipod doesnt have the function to be able to record its media needs to be uploaded via itunes I cant see a way myself. Apart from investing in a laptop

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