Mozilla Firefox for ipad 2

  cas5090 11:54 26 Jun 2014

Hope I am asking this in the right forum.

I am trying to find a link to download the Mozilla Firefox browser for my ipad 2 but struggling, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

  cas5090 12:15 26 Jun 2014

Hi Jock, I downloaded it (its free) but when I google my bank, the links look a bit suspect.

My online banking has, for the past 3 weeks or so, been dreadful on my ipad, extremely slow and keeps freezing. I rang the online banking help and was told to download Mozilla Firefox and use that browser, he insisted it is available for ipad but it doesn't seem to be.

I am afraid to use that FX one as the login page for my banking looks very different to how it normally looks :(

  cas5090 12:38 26 Jun 2014

I wouldn't bother downloading it, it is horrible, I have just deleted it.

I think the online banking guy was wrong, firefox does not seem to be available for ipad.

I just downloaded. Chrome for ipad but the problem with the online banking site was just as bad, though it works perfectly on my. Windows laptop using firefox.

The problem only started around 3 weeks ago and every other site i visit is absolutely fine.

Its extremely frustrating ,

  Woolwell 12:40 26 Jun 2014

Your online banking guy is wrong. Firefox isn't available for iPad. What else is he wrong about?

  cas5090 17:12 26 Jun 2014

It does make me wonder, Woolwell. Not sure where to go from here, anyone any ideas? Maybe I should try ringing the bank call centre again, oh joy.

  cas5090 17:13 26 Jun 2014

Forgot to add, I have cleared the cache ad history and it has not helped

  Woolwell 17:44 26 Jun 2014

I suspect that the site doesn't work too well with an iPad what ever browser. I use Safari and Chrome on my iPad and have use Diigo as well.

Does the bank have an app? Many do.

  cas5090 21:06 26 Jun 2014

It worked great until about 3 weeks ago. They have a mobile app but you can only register one account with it and I need to add 3 so its no good :(

  Woolwell 21:44 26 Jun 2014

Wonder if Opera Mini will work? Opera

  Woolwell 21:45 26 Jun 2014

Or Opera Coast

  cas5090 21:52 26 Jun 2014

I will try them tanks and report back (in the morning)

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