Mesh computers - bad apple

  Timmay 10:27 19 Nov 2004

I must have got a bad apple from the Mesh computers department. After purchasing the Mesh Matrix 64 3400 X-BPC which came 1st under budget PCs in PCAdvisors July Issue i have had nothing but problems.

1. The hard drive corrupted and was eventually replaced after countless STOP 0x0000008E errors.
2. The graphics card had a faulty capacitor and had to be replaced.
3. It STILL comes up with the dreaded blue screen STOP error 0x000000008E.
4. I have now been told this could be the RAM - so i have tested the computer running each module individually and it still errors.... this will be another phone call to Mesh!

It is very infuriating to get through to the technical department - total time spent on the phone just WAITING 1h 15mins... and the computer is still not sorted.

I cannot belive that a computer that has got a no.1 rating has had so many problems. If the RAM replacement does not work i shall be asking for a full refund from MESH.

My Point is this : Beware of a bad apple - and besides if so few MESH computers have problems why is there technical line so goddam busy!

By the way: If anyone else has a solution or explanation on the STOP errors then i am more than willing to try an answer seeing as everything else has not worked.

A dissappointed user.....

  961 10:42 19 Nov 2004

Motherboard problem?

  Magik ®© 11:41 19 Nov 2004

are the PC's that are sent in for a review just taken off the shelf, or put together with a bit of care and given a good test first....

  MESH Support 12:54 19 Nov 2004

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Mesh PC.

If you email me at [email protected] remembering to include your serial/order number and screen name (Timmay) I will have an engineer call you directly to help speed up the support time.


Mesh Support

  matherelli 17:16 19 Nov 2004

Sorry to hear about the problems you have had. I have had nothing but quality service from the company. Granted all my communication has been via email but David D has been outstanding in dealing with ALL of my questions. I had an email 1 day after ordering my desktop confirming delivery would be in 5 days from ordering. I had asked them to speed up the delivery if at all possible but less than a week for a desktop is pretty impressive given the good value machines they stock. Sorry again for the difficulties you have had. My advice is contact Mesh via email. I have had all my concerns replied to very promptly. Hope this gives you some faith in MESH.

  Timmay 17:23 19 Nov 2004

I have contacted Mesh computers via email 4 times over the past 7 weeks and they have not replied to any of them despite the fact that i have received read receipts. That is why i have had to revert to long waiting phone calls... as i say unfortunately i've got the bad apple, both in terms of computer and response....!

  Smegs 17:54 19 Nov 2004

Read MESH Support Reply, and do as he has asked. He is trying to help YOU.

Wake Up.

  Timmay 20:08 19 Nov 2004

As soon as davey had posted - i had already emailed rest assured, clam down now smegs!

  MESH Support 04:04 22 Nov 2004

I wasn't in the office on Friday so the earliest I will see your email will be Monday morning. Hopefully I will have responded by the time you read this.


Mesh Support

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