Me again...I need a Java Applet that works!

  King Diamond 16:37 10 May 2003

Help me out guys n girls, as I'm stuck.

I have finished building my web-site for my college HNC, however I need a Java Applet to finish it. Thanks to the people who have already gave me Java sites, but in my HTML virgin state, I can't get the damn applets to work. I must have tried around 14 differsnt applets, all with a negative result.

Can someone help me out with an applet code that I could paste into my final page eg, a digital clock, or LED displaying a message...anything. The site is a music site, in particular, the genre is heavy metal.

Cheers for anything you could supply.

  anchor 17:35 10 May 2003

I suspect that you may be inserting the java code in the wrong place. It should be placed in the body section. They can`t all be faulty.

Have a look at a page of mine with a scrolling text in the task bar.
click here

Then have a look at the source by clicking View, then source.

Lots of clock scripts, and I have just tried a couple that worked fine.

  King Diamond 18:06 10 May 2003 the applets/scripts have to be enclosed in <script> tags then? Or just the body tags?


  anchor 14:03 11 May 2003

Yes, they do have to be enclosed in <script> tags.

  anchor 15:53 11 May 2003

I see that you have ticked "resolved", so I guess it has been sorted.

Good luck with the page.

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