Mac's and PC'S

  Bleep 17:25 18 Jan 2005

After almost falling in-love with the Apple Mini Mac, Could anyone tell me what would I be losing out on or gaining if I took the jump over to a Mac?

I'd still use my gaming PC, but in terms of uni work, web surfing and general use is it just a nice looking box or is there any hidden down falls to this possible transition?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:43 18 Jan 2005

Apart from having to buy new software and there being some difficulties with hardware upgrades, the machine will be fine for what you specify.

  Vague Boy 20:25 18 Jan 2005

If you're keeping your PC for gaming use then the Mini Mac should be fine for your needs. As Diodorus says, upgrading can be a problem due to the compact nature of the design. Probably the best upgrade you could get would be more RAM when you order it.

  bfoc 21:18 18 Jan 2005

As a student you might find that Mac software is available at a major discount - and of course the Mac Mini comes with software anyway!

It is certainly a tempting option with the faster chip, 80 Gig model probably the best value - with extra RAM if you can afford it.

  Jackcoms 21:27 18 Jan 2005

I'm still wondering about the title to your question. Mac's what? PC's what?

Why the unnecessary apostrophes?

  Bleep 22:27 18 Jan 2005

Wow thanks for your imput!, maybe I should ask my Englsigh teavher !!

  Kate B 01:19 19 Jan 2005

hey, we're a computer forum, not a grammar forum ...

  Johnnie_M 01:57 19 Jan 2005

Yeah nice constructive input there Jackcoms. I admit if I'm gonna look for any technical support should I refer to my good old dictionary?? To answer Bleep though, I have both PC and iBook (thanks to some help on this forum enticing me to buy one) I admit the mac is perfect for uni work, web surfing and general tasks. Obviously the machine fails in the gaming stakes however, thats why I have a PS2 and XBox. I would recommend a mac no problems.

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