macs or pc?

  avid_gooner 21:59 02 Aug 2006

th old problem, similar forum last year but wioth the intel dual core now in macs i can see no reason to buy a windows. all i do at moment is internet, football manager, msn, downloading music really, but the ilife suite really appeals. plus hardly any viruses.

the adverts are great btw

  SG Atlantis® 22:15 02 Aug 2006

I wrote a reply and then deleted it.

PCs will always be the more dominant one... Macs are great but PCs are the better all rounder for home use.

Upgrades are easier.
Everything runs on windows, games!
Most people grow up on PCs, though I did not, Mac classics??? and performa's??? remember them.

  Jimmy14 22:20 02 Aug 2006

I would go for a mac because of the new dual core processors in them and because as you said you don't want it for much. I would buy it from the apple online store so you can customize it.

  ed-0 22:25 02 Aug 2006

If you have a spare windows disk, have both. Dual boot. click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:28 02 Aug 2006

never ever owned or even used a Mac so excuse the ignorance, can Macs be upgraded in the way you can for a pc?
Don't ever recall seeing Mac components for sale on the sites I frequent.
So if you buy a Mac is that it? no chance of upgrading anything?

  ed-0 22:35 02 Aug 2006

depends on the model. But yes you can upgrade some of them just like a PC. Extra memory, new graphics card, PCI expansion cards, swap hard drives. But no to cpu's, only on the older models.

But it depends on each model and you need to check.

  sean-278262 00:23 03 Aug 2006

Go for a mac personally and install a copy of windows. OS X is great I just couldnt crash it when I was working at apple and hell I tried!!!

Macs can be upgraded. Ignore what has been said about a mac cannot be upgraded. You can do about as much as you can with a PC. You can get new fans, gfx, hard drives, cd/dvd drives. change the PSU in some of them (not as easy however to do)

Mac components can be purchased from Mac stores, online at apple and on ebay with ease and 100s of other shops.

CPUs on the new G5s powered by intel can be changed as far as I understand however the older CPUs are dependant on the model you get.

Basically why not get a mac. Windows and OSx better aftersales than most other places. The mac looks better than most. Better built than any laptop I have used (thats 9 in 2 years). The reasons to outweigh the ones not to. The prices are pretty similar these days to comparable systems running XP. Plus the point of games doesnt really stand up if you dual boot.

P.S. Dual booting is apparantly easy as pie from what I have been told. Easier than installing windows itself apparantly

  ed-0 00:37 03 Aug 2006

" CPUs on the new G5s powered by intel can be changed "

If you get the added extra of a soldering iron.:-)As they are soldered into the motherboard.

Ps have been using a mac since 1990.

  sean-278262 00:57 03 Aug 2006

Typo there That should be G4. Didnt notice that bit. Been a few years since I was using a Mac

PS worked for the company a few years back in IS&T

  ed-0 01:07 03 Aug 2006


Didn't know you could change the G4 cpu, but I bow to your superior knowledge. only used and upgraded them for the last 10 years or so:-(

  sean-278262 01:19 03 Aug 2006

click here

Well I suppose it depends on how you define upgrade the CPU if you get me. Personally I would call that an upgrade. Even though most wouldnt I suppose.

Also I never said I was superior in knowledge. Just something I knew was a fact (depending on your take of an upgrade to the CPU as such I suppose). Trust me there are things I am sure you know a lot more about. 1990 macs err whats that would be what I would say.


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