Mac's - easy to use?

  Esso43 08:54 29 Apr 2003

Can people give me their views on whetehr Mac's are easy to use in the windows dominated world. (ok got carried away then).

But seriously is there any problems sharing files etc between the two os, any draw backs to mac any advatages?

  bfoc 09:31 29 Apr 2003

And IMHO the Mac is generally easier to use and faster to learn. Many people find it more attractive and, of course, in certain areas (Magazine production and graphics/art for instance)it has been the 'leading' system of choice.

It is certainly possible, and normally, straightforward, to transfer files and also network between PC's and Mac's.

However there are a number of points to bear in mind:
1. Mac's are very much less popular overall and so there is less software and hardware available for them and it tends to be more expensive.
2. Mac's are much less of a 'kit' system than PC's and so getting parts, and repairs done, is much less easy and is, often. much more expensive.
3. Apart from in the niche markets outlined above, the PC is the system of choice. As I said it is, normally, straightforward to share information with PC's, but it does add another layer of complexity and another chance of things 'going wrong'. And of course, as we all know, things only go wrong at the worst time!

Personally I would usually recommend a PC route, rather than a Mac, because the ease of use advantage is, for me, more than outweighed by the increased cost of ownership and the added complexity of transferring information.

You may well feel differently and I would suggest that if you are considering the Mac route you check out software and also replacement parts costs, availability of support and also how happy those receiving your information would be with you using a Mac and whether they would have any problems. Once you have all the information make your choice and enjoy!

  Mysticnas 10:53 29 Apr 2003

above is true.

why are you considering a Mac? is it because you're going to do anything on like mentioned above?

the fact is that there is NOTHING that a mac can do that a PC cant! the only reason why companies tend to use macs for art & design is because Macs were there 1st computer that had the appropiate software. Now pc's have all the relevant software too and probably even more.

It's true if you go to macs then you'll be stumped when getting all the software. if you're a gamer, you'll be extra stumped! if you wanna upgrade your mac you'll be stumped too. they don't upgrade easy! as far as i know you'll have to send it away to have it upgraded as macs use their own hardware.

i'd stay well away from mac unless it's a must!

stick with the PC and you'll be able to save a little money, upgrade what you want when you want etc...

if it's windows thats you just don't like then there's plenty of pc alternatives, like Linux etc...

hope this helps.

  Esso43 14:04 29 Apr 2003

Thank you both for your views most useful.

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