Macro 'disable' Pop-ups ?

  Furkin 09:29 05 Nov 2008

Hi all,
Since I had a spot of ‘bother’ with my machine a couple of months ago, I now get MACRO Pop-ups every time I open MS-Word (2002).
Before the program will allow me access I get 6 pop-ups – giving me the option to Disable certain Macro’s. I am a bit worried because they all end in .dll.
They might be acceptable as they are from Microsoft,,,, All the files names are slightly different but they all end with .dll.
At the moment i just click DISABLE.
There is also a box giving me the option to “'ALWAYS TRUST MACROS FROM THIS SOURCE'. ” As the source is MS – it might be worth while ticking this box ! It might stop them popping up in the future,,,,, but as they contain .dll I am loathe to alter anything !
Once opened, I look in tools > macro > macros to see if anything is there, but all I get is a macro made by me, on the day that I’m opening MS-Word – which I assume is ‘Normal’ ?!
((It seems that my original ‘spot of bother’ might have been a corrupt Macro. The first time I noticed anything out of the ordinary, was when I opened an attachment from CAB (Citizens Advice) when I got a pop-up saying that I needed to click something to open the message. As it was from the CAB, I clicked it. It popped up with something about SQL [I think],,, then we were away. From that point my machine went into self format mode hundreds of times per day.
That side of it is fixed – but I am assuming that my current problem is a residue of that ?!)))
I’m sure you guys will know what this main pop-up is,,,, but if not, I’ll try to get a screen shot / link of it.

Once again – not life threatening – but getting to be a b*****y pain.

Cheers folks

  The Brigadier 09:34 05 Nov 2008

Check Microsoft Knowledge Base for more info.

  VoG II 10:13 05 Nov 2008

Try Tools > Macro > Security and tick Low.

  Furkin 12:08 05 Nov 2008

Thanks again VoG:
I first tried Medium - to no avail.
I then tried LOW - and it has stopped the pop-ups.

Does this tell you how I can eliminate them altogether & put security back to High or Medium ?

If you know what the pop-ups are, should I be ‘Enabling’ them ?

Should I tick the “Trust all macros from this source” box ?

I’ve taken a Screen-Shot to show what the pop-ups are – how do I link this to my post ?

(I don’t like having the security bit so Low ?!)


  VoG II 12:52 05 Nov 2008

This may help click here

  Furkin 20:07 11 Nov 2008

Cheers Brigadier & VoG:
It dosn't quite cover what I have.

Are these pop-ups telling me that there is a problem ? To my limited mind, they don't seem to - they merely give me the option of Enabling & disabling Macros (& trusting further macro's from the source [MS in this case])

Does the file name tell you anything (C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\MICROS~1\SMARTT~1\FDATE.DLL)

As the Macros are from MS, should I try "ENABLING" one instead of "Disabling' them all ?

thanks for reading,,,,,,,,,

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