Macro antivirus

  Compassion 11:11 10 Sep 2007

Has anyone heard of a program called MacroVirus/Macro Antivirus? I've just had a user telling me it found over 1000 threats on their machine where AVG found none which I think sounds slightly dodgy. It seems to be available on shareware sites mainly.



  birdface 11:22 10 Sep 2007

So far using McAfee Site Advisor it is warning me not to open any of the Macro Anti-Virus sites,So be carefull.

  Belatucadrus 11:34 10 Sep 2007

Have a look at the SiteAdvisor note on it click here deans review is fairly comprehensive. Combine the lack of tests by any reputable AV review site with that old and nasty chestnut, the free scan that will inevitably find loads of stuff, then require you to buy the product to remove it, puts it in the "Scareware" category. Not to be touched with the proverbial barge pole.

  birdface 11:41 10 Sep 2007

Never seen so many warnings about any Anti-Virus before.The actual Anti Virus program might be Ok in itself,But if you are thinking of downloading it.You will need to find a safe site to do it from.My advice unless someone say.s different would be to leave it alone.And not to search in Google as like I said there seems to be a lot of bad sites advertising it.If you do not use McAfee Site Advisor I would recommend that you download and use it before searching,click here Make sure that you pick the correct one.This one is for Firefox but you can change it to I/Explorer .If on Firefox it puts its icon on the status bar,On I/E it puts it on the toolbar.

  Compassion 11:53 10 Sep 2007

Thanks for the help - I should have thought to check SiteAdvisor. I'm not considering downloading macro-whatever myself - I work in user support, and one of my students downloaded it to their home computer to try to fix a broken internet connection. 1000 threats must be some kind of record! I'm off to get my user to scrape the gunk off her hard drive, and get the SiteAdvisor extension.

Thanks again for all the information


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