mac/pc software compatibility

  bob_ffc 23:59 12 Mar 2006

i am currently considering buying an ibook
g4 laptop, but have a windows based pc. one of the cons i have come up with is software compatibility, i really dont fancy for example buying 2 versions of microsoft office. so im basically wondering will this problem occur for all software, or is there anyway around it?

  AndySD 00:02 13 Mar 2006

click here Microsoft® Virtual PC for Mac perhaps.

  Forum Editor 00:03 13 Mar 2006

I'm afraid the answer is no - you'll need Mac versions of all your software.

  007al 00:19 13 Mar 2006

You can always use open office.They have a version for the Mac.Dont know how up to date it is compared to the windows version though.

  Mytob 01:24 13 Mar 2006

iv got a mac and it great! as for the software your looking for i can name some solutions if you tell me wat you need. Openoffice is super and works on all os iv ever heard of and is opensource aswell. It does a good job with handaling word exel and all the other m$ formats aswell. I use openoffice soly now and wouldnt contimplate spending another 300+ on a copy of m$ office when openoffice does ebrything i need. as for virtual pc what can i say apart from what a load of rubbish :) if you into gaming forget it as i discovered to my cost. For office apps is about adiquate but id just get mac versions. It runs real slow on the g4 cpu but i dunno about the intels. it also opens you up to viri and worm damage on your mac aswell. if you are after summin to take around a macbook is good but for just average home usage i can highly recomend the mini mac. in comparison you may pay more for the mac initaly but you may well get the mony back on the lack of having to buy av and firewall products for it. stability on my mac is also great compared to my wintel pc which gets redone evry month or so dew to viri or just general probs with it. but have a look on the net for opensource versions of the progs you want to run as there are free or opensource versions of almost every paid for app out there!

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