Macmin Training - what happened?

  mikey_the_fish 19:25 28 Apr 2004

I recently ordered an A+ course update from Macmin Technical Training (click here) but my order was not complete - it was missing an A+ 2003 CD which I was promised.

I have recently found that they seem to have ceased trading - their website has been taken down. Emails and letters go unanswered. I am unsure about what to do about the missing CD I was promised. And I doubt I am covered by any payment protection as I paid by cheque.

Best regards

  spuds 20:00 28 Apr 2004

On your documents, there should be a registered company name. Can you check these details out and post them.

  mikey_the_fish 20:25 28 Apr 2004

Thanks for your reply.

Their registered office is:

Macmin Technical Training
Windsor House

I have written to them and emailed them numerous times but have heard nothing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:38 28 Apr 2004

If they have ceased trading then there is probably no chance of a refund especially as you paid by cheque. Cut your losses and regard this as a training exercise.


  spuds 22:26 28 Apr 2004

The details that you have supplied is a trading name which is not registered with Companies House.Sorry, unable to help you further unless you have a company registration number on any correspondence.

  mikey_the_fish 10:35 29 Apr 2004

I have a VAT registration number which is 682 3380 27.

They were trading under the name of Macmin Direct IT Skills at their head office at Windsor House, Greville Road, Bristol, BS3 1LE.

There phone line is no longer recognised.

I'm not worried so much for myself as I have the main part of the A+ 2003 courseware but what about those who may have sent a cheque and not heard anything? Where do they stand?


  spuds 11:23 29 Apr 2004

The trading name is not the actual registered company name in companies house records. There is a 'dissolved' company registered, which is similar to Macmin, but as I say,is it similar and possibly nor Macmin as you suggest.

If the company as folded or gone bust, then any funds [if any] will be in the hands of any administrator or receiver.

Looks like you will have to count your losses, and put it down to experience, as it would appear as though Macmin, as you know it, are no longer.

  mikey_the_fish 16:25 06 May 2004

Thanks for all your help.

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