Macintosh to MS Word

  Monoux 20:59 09 Mar 2005

Can anyone tell me if it is possibe to convert documents created on a Macintosh to MS Word format and if so where I can find any programs etc to do this. There is one listed in the download section but this seems to be for converting from from MS word to Macintosh but I need to go the other way

  dan11 21:14 09 Mar 2005

What application have you used to create the macintosh document?

  dan11 21:16 09 Mar 2005

Apple works?, simple text?, mac write?, ulysses?,

any of those.

  Monoux 07:55 10 Mar 2005

Dan11 Thanks for your response. I'm trying to help a friend with this one so will neee to contatc to find out what was used to create the file and will post the answer here asap

  Diodorus Siculus 08:02 10 Mar 2005

Get your friend to save the documents as RTF (Rich text format) as that is almost universally compatible.

  Monoux 12:02 10 Mar 2005

Apparenty (I'm told) my friend cannot save as RTF. The original document was created some years ago using ClarisWorks 4 but will open on their current version using of AppleWorks4. The document is about 95 pages long so hence doesn't want to have to retype it all if it can be avoided

  pj123 13:58 10 Mar 2005

I have a floppy disk with a Mac to PC Converter programme on it. It worked perfectly on a friends Mac when they decided to switch to PC.

Unfortunately, without a Mac to use now I can't remember how it works.

You are welcome to it. email me via the envelope with your address and I will sent it to you.

  pj123 14:05 10 Mar 2005

Sorry, forgot to mention you will still need a Mac computer and a PC.

  TomJerry 14:06 10 Mar 2005

when install Word or Office, use custom setup, then you can have option to tick a lot of "document filter", maybe you can check if Appleworks4 filter is included.

  TomJerry 14:23 10 Mar 2005

QuickViewPlus can deal with over 200 file format, check out if Appleworks is included click here, click here

you can try OpenOffice click here as well

  TomJerry 14:24 10 Mar 2005

"Ability to read and write Microsoft Word and Excel files"

click here

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