machine just wants to recylce everything

  PhiltheFragger 16:56 10 Nov 2008

Im looking at a Acer xp laptop

it is weird coz whenever you close a document or folder, it asks if to confirm file deletion and put it in the recycle bin.

Cant see any obvious settings,

anyone out there got any clues


  Sea Urchin 17:11 10 Nov 2008

Would be helpful to know what exactly does the prompt box say?

  PhiltheFragger 19:00 10 Nov 2008

Ok you open any doc when you close it a box comes up which says " Are you sure you want to delete XXXXXX with a heading of "confirm file delete"

Looked on google and it looks like a virus, but there are no published solutions as yet

I have scanned with AVG, Superantispyware,malwarebytes
and its coming up clean

Any more ideas

  woodchip 19:18 10 Nov 2008

I would say this is a Windows Corruption Problem, May be a line in the registry. Why not Try SFC /Scannow from Run

  PhiltheFragger 12:38 11 Nov 2008

SFC /scannow does not come up with any errors

it is also now coming up with the message when you open a doc or folder

Im stumped Time for a reformat?

anyone else have any idea


  wis 13:05 11 Nov 2008

just intrested you dont want to delete so how do
you exit

  PhiltheFragger 16:13 11 Nov 2008

Simple you press no

it gives you the option to confirm file deletion
yes or no

except it does it with everything you open

so to say that it is a pain is an understatement

  woodchip 16:41 11 Nov 2008

If you have a full XP disc do a Repair, by Starting with CD in then choose setup press F6 when it asks then it will search your drive for a operating system, when it finds it click on what it found and then press R for repair

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