Machine Fails to Initialise

  Gandy 20:19 24 Jan 2004

I have an MSI KT4AV/Athlon XP2400+/512Mb DDR machine (always on) which died overnight.
On power up, it doesn't get as far as the boot sequence, so no screen display, but the D-Bracket leds indicate 'Detect Memory Test', where it hangs.
So I checked the memory with my Dell machine and it was fine. Then I thought it must be the motherboard, so I ordered a no avail. I've checked all the power supply voltages on load and they're ok.
So before I order up another CPU, anyone got any other ideas?

  Gongoozler 20:45 24 Jan 2004

Hi Gandy. Have you tried stripping the computer down to the essentials for a boot up? Motherboard with processor and heatsink. A minimum of memory. Graphics card, power-on switch, case speaker and power supply. Don't fit any drives, and unscrew the motherboard from the case and rest it on a sheet of card. If it won't complete the POST sequence like that, then you only have a few components to suspect.

  Joe McG 20:54 24 Jan 2004


Try booting your system with the gfx and ram removed. (shut down manually after 10 seconds)

This will remove any cache that may be left in any ram. It has worked for me, more than once.

P.S. are you getting any beeps.?

  Gandy 21:30 24 Jan 2004

Gongoozler/Joe McG, I' tried barebones i.e unplugged IDE0&1 and floppy and removed graphics card, with no success.
I tried with no ram and got beep signal, presumably no ram detected (remember ram is ok in Dell Dimension 2350)
I've changed the motherboard, checked the ram, measured the power supply and am unwillingly coming to the conclusion it must be the CPU.
Obviously, I don't want to fork out for another if there's something stupid I've overlooked!

  mosfet 21:50 24 Jan 2004

I know you have checked volts,..but I would certainly try a psu first.

  Gandy 10:00 30 Jan 2004

It was the CPU in the end. All is now fine.

Thanks for your responses.

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