MacBook Pro Retina 13' battery life

  phl43 17:13 07 Jan 2015

Hi everyone,

I want to buy a MacBook and I'm hesitating between the MacBook Air 13' and the MacBook Pro Retina 13'. I'm tempted by the MacBook Pro because it has a better connectivity and a much better screen, but I'm worried about the battery life.

I'm only going to use it to write papers on LyX and browse the Internet, but I plan to use a Bluetooth mouse and tend to have a lot of tabs open in my browser, typically over 100. Do you have any idea how long I can expect the battery to last on a full charge with that kind of use?

(I don't really use that many tabs at any given time, for the most part it's just articles or books on Amazon that I like to keep open for future reference, but things get rapidly out of control when you do that.)

I know that Apple claims about 9 hours and I've read several reviews that found something in that ballpark, but it's hard to know how it will be when it's used the way I plan to use my laptop, so I was hoping that someone who has a MacBook Pro Retina 13' and uses it roughly the way I plan to use mine could tell me how long his typically lasts on a full charge.

I guess I will go for the Pro as long as I know that it will last at least 8 hours on a full charge with my typical use, because if I know the Air would last significantly longer, I don't need more than 8 hours. (I probably don't even need 8 hours, but I want to have a comfortable safety cushion.)

Also, given what I plan to do with my laptop, do you think it makes sense to get 16Go of RAM or is the standard 8Go enough? Could it make the battery last longer if I get the upgrade?

Thanks in advance!

  wee eddie 20:15 07 Jan 2015

I am not sure that the number of Tabs you have open effects the power consumption to any noticeable amount. However, if you really so many Tabs open, then the more RAM you have, the better.

From memory, a wireless mouse uses less power than a Bluetooth mouse and you can pick one up for a tenner.

  nibor2 08:19 29 Jan 2015

Hello! I've got a retina and I can compare it to the macbook air of my girlfriend and there is no hesitation, the retina is a lot better. The quality of the screen, the quality of the pad,... I think the air is more like a "gadget" but considering the fact that you use it only to browse it's good enough. I don't think you need a 16go of ram because you will not use them. Concerning the battery, when I using internet, photoshop and music I can keep my macbookpro about 6hours awake. I you have any other questions, just ask.

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