MacBook or HP laptop

  Johnnie_M 20:33 16 Jul 2006

Hi, I am thinking of buying a laptop around £749ish, and I am looking at two different laptops,

click here

click here

If I get the mac, I'll put XP on it to have two OS's

  ed-0 21:37 16 Jul 2006

Are you thinking of using boot camp for the mac?

We have three HP laptops and a few months ago I would have urged you to go for HP.

Each of the three HP laptop screens have gone down. One of them twice in last three months, luckily it was six days before the warranty ran out. The mouse pad on one is developing a hole after just over 12 months use. I mentioned this to HP when it went for the screen to be repaired. HP did not replace it.

HP were not amused. Me to:-(

So I will not be buying HP again.

  Jimmy14 21:49 16 Jul 2006

get a macbook. Excellent and you'll be glad you bought it. You can easily upgrade the ram in it at a later date if you wish and put XP/Vista on it using bootcamp. Why not pop along to Pc World and have a shot before you buy to re-assure yourself.

  ade.h 21:52 16 Jul 2006

Could you tell me what HP models you have and the make/model of the faulty touchpad, please? I have a vested interest, you might say; my nx8220 is nine months old now, but has been faultless so far....

Johnnie_M - My apologies for hijacking your thread. I hope you don't mind.

  ed-0 22:07 16 Jul 2006

No problem.

All three are pavillion zv 6000's. Thats 64bit semprons with 512Mb memory running XP home.

The wear on my mouse pad. click here click here

  Jimmy14 22:16 16 Jul 2006

I have exactly the Hp Pavillion ZV6115EA with sempron and 512mb memory and out touchpad is still in perfect condition? Bought it last September.


  powerless 22:20 16 Jul 2006

You'll need at least 1GB of RAM on the MacBook.

The HP does seem to have more for your money...

I have the MacBook and can't fault it.

  Jimmy14 22:24 16 Jul 2006

why not customize the mac white 1.83Ghz online at Apples Store and get it delivered?
click here

  Johnnie_M 22:38 16 Jul 2006

Hmm, well I'd probably buy it from John Lewis since they give a two year warranty. I'll go along to the local store and play about with it, though the problem is, for £50 less I get a 100gb HD and a gig of ram aswell as the DVD-+writer, where as the Mac doesn't have that. I do own an iBook so I know how good the Mac OS, but I'm also a system builder, so I use XP more. What a tough choice!!!!

  ade.h 22:50 16 Jul 2006

Thanks very much for that info, especially the picture. That certainly is a hole!

I probably have no major cause for concern, I think; the models are from a different range and I can see that the touchpad is different also (mine is a black and rectangular Synaptics model).

  ed-0 15:59 17 Jul 2006


I'll have to dig out a laptop R/F mouse fairly soon. Or use one of the desktops.

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