MacAfee V Kis

  rawprawn 19:57 27 Dec 2010

I have been running Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 courtesy of Barclays for about 2 years and have been pleased with it's performance. However after the last build update I have had all kinds of problems and so I installed MacAfee Antivirus Plus courtesy of HSBC.
I know it hasn't got all the bells and whistles, but my computer is much faster, and I think it is fine for my needs.
Anyone got any comments? as I have never used MacAfee before.

  rdave13 20:14 27 Dec 2010

I refused the kind option of security from my bank. I've always ran free security programs and they have, and always will (hopefully), keep me secure with the knowledge gained from this site an a few others.
Security 'suits' have always made me shy away from them as they can literally take over your PC in the same way malware can. I don't like that.
It looks as if you only have an AV now, rawprawn, so you should investigate a free firewall and antimalware programs.

  symphony 20:36 27 Dec 2010

I find Macafee as good (or bad) as any other paid for security suite I've had (including Kaspersky).
I would run it alongside the free Malwarebytes' antimalware. This is great for picking up the few nasties that seem to inevitably get through.

  rawprawn 20:41 27 Dec 2010

It includes a Firewall, and I have SAS and Malwarebytes

  rdave13 21:00 27 Dec 2010

As long as MBM or SAS is paid for then that will help. (One off payments I think.)
symphony; think we'll all agree with your statement.

  Woolwell 22:18 27 Dec 2010

The reviews tend to put McAfee below Norton and Kaspersky. On one of our systems we have Norton and it is quite good.

  rdave13 00:22 28 Dec 2010

" Quite good", is it really good enough if you pay for it?
Just a question.

  rawprawn 08:46 28 Dec 2010

Both SAS, and MBM are Pro Versions.

  birdface 12:29 28 Dec 2010

my goodness I have to agree with rdave13 with this.
Any free Anti-Virus will do you as you have MalwareBytes and Superantispyware to back it up.
No need for a security suite but I suppose if getting it free it's always worth using.

  skeletal 14:20 28 Dec 2010

I personally loath McAfee. It was put on my son’s new Dell laptop as a freebe for the first 12 months. Together with the awful Windows 7 apparent default setting of downloading updates at 3AM, even when switched off, we had a few weeks of mystery when the laptop would wake up, and then my son, at this ungodly hour.

We then fiddled with several settings (Win 7 gurus will know them, I’ve now forgotten) and a long last peace was restored to the Skeletal household.

But not quite, because when McAfee then decided to auto update at a more reasonable hour, it would interrupt whatever my son was doing and insist on a reboot.

We uninstalled it a short time later.

But, of course, everyone has their favourite AV software and I’m sure there will be those that say “Ah, if you do this that and the other, then you won’t have those problems.”

Probably, but I don’t want to spend my life trying to get AV software to work.


  rawprawn 14:40 28 Dec 2010

Sorry to hear the problems you had, I have had no such problems at all. It updates quietly about 3 times a day, there is a balloon pops up to tell you when it has updated but if you tick the box "Don't show this again" you don't know it's there.It has only asked for a reboot once and that was because it downloaded and installed a newer version.
I must admit to being very pleased.
Over time I have run nearly all the free AV's and quite a few "paid for"
I am not saying Macafee is the best, but it suits my purpose at the moment, and I was just seeking opinions such as yours to see how others felt.

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