Macafee hijacks Outlook Express with update

  baldilocks2 21:31 30 Oct 2007

Macafee's latest update has removed the user friendly Mcafee logo button that sat in an unused part of my Outlook Express toolbar and which I right-clicked for Spam handling and replaced it with another toolbar right across the screen which takes away nearly 20% of my preview pane. They claim that it is "more users [sic] friendly".

This echoes MS attitude that you bought it, we have the right to change it whether you like it or not.

Any ideas on how I get back my user friendly non-screen-hogging button? Macafee say I can't have it back and if I do manage to get it back it will update and I will lose it again. Looks like it could be Norton next time?

  xania 10:38 31 Oct 2007

You should be able to switch off the toolbar altogether - Norton also provide a toolbar but I tihnk you can opt not to have it running.

  BT 08:47 01 Nov 2007

I've just paid my subscription and updated MacAfee. I still have the MacAfee button on my OE. Have you tried right clicking and using the Customize option. The MacAfee button is in the 'Add/Remove buttons' box.

  baldilocks2 11:42 01 Nov 2007

Thanks to the answer from BT(above) I have got rid of the unwanted toolbar but not regained the MacAfee button which does not appear in the Add/remove Buttons box. It restricts my ability to mark something as Span/Not Spam but at least I now have the message pane back to the sieze it was. Thank you
Now if anyone can tell me where to get the Macafee Button from, I'll be back to where I started.

  BT 07:30 02 Nov 2007

Try the MacAfee Support page on their website. I have used it in the past via Email and found they try to solve your problem.

click here

  BT 07:18 03 Nov 2007

Have you got the 'spamkiller' tab in the menu bar? This has the same options as the MacAfee button.

The other option is to download the software again in case you have a corrupted file. If you log on to your account at MacAfee, you can do this for free.

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