Mac versus PC: where do you stand?

  PC Advisor 10:48 20 Aug 2010

Where do you stand in the Mac vs PC debate? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column, below the picture of the magazine.

  canarieslover 11:31 20 Aug 2010

I have cast a vote for PC because Macs are too expensive mainly because my investment in PC software that I use regularly would mean that changing systems now would mean a considerable investment over and above the cost of the machine. Yes, I could run Windows on a Mac but that is then not really using a Mac,is it?

  David Price 11:36 20 Aug 2010

We're having a bit of a 'Mac vs PC week' in the PC Advisor polls. On Monday we asked what your next computer would be - here's a summary of our findings.

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David Price

  malfranks 11:45 20 Aug 2010

Although the last one I bought was a iMac it was bought mostly for photo editing due to the 27" screen it came with.

When it comes down to it though, it's a Windows PC that I mainly use, as it's my gaming platform of choice (as my 100+ games on my Steam account will testify).

Just shelled out for a new graphics card for it (MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5 1024MB) and fully intend to buy another one in a couple of years' time if it's not up to playing new games reasonably.

  sunnystaines 11:52 20 Aug 2010

used a mac for a week whilst away from H/A.

prefer windows

  johndrew 11:54 20 Aug 2010

Having never used a Mac (although my son has one overseas) I am stuck with a PC. I understand that Macs use similar technology to both the older Amiga and the newer PC but the OS in Macs is almost linked to the Amiga rather than the PC. Perhaps I shall be able to spend enough time on a Mac one day to judge for myself as I am aware the graphics would suit my need to 'sort out' all my old 35mm slides more readily than my PC.

Perhaps this is aimed at my son 'donating' his Mac to me ;-)

  Chegs ®™ 13:01 20 Aug 2010

I've never used a Mac,although would like to "try before I buy" as they are expensive and to then find I didn't like the Mac would be unjustifiable expense.

  Brumas 13:17 20 Aug 2010

I have had an iMac now for over two years and I definitely would not go back to a PC running windows!
I was forever having minor niggles with my PC and I used to phone up my son for advice, in the end he told me to get a subscription to GeekSquad as he didn’t always have the time to help. More importantly he told me to get a Mac as they were more reliable and were not prone to the issues a PC as everything was made by themselves and consequently compatible. Also I believe, the GeekSquad told me that over 80% of their calls were from PC owners.
I do not have to worry about uninstalling progs, or registry issues and tons more stuff and, as I am not very computer literate this is a major plus point!

  Coltch 15:27 20 Aug 2010

Don't mind OSX but find the price that you have to pay to legally run it a bit over the top.

  Pineman100 16:06 20 Aug 2010

"...GeekSquad told me that over 80% of their calls were from PC owners"

Considering that Macs have less than 10% of the market, and PC's around 90%, that's not a good recommendation for the Mac.

I've noticed that anyone who owns a Mac immediately feels the need to justify this by extolling its virtues, and rubbishing Windows PCs. I have yet to see any convincing evidence that Macs are any more reliable than PCs.

There was perhaps a time when Mac's OS was superior to Windows. But with the introduction of Windows 7 I don't believe this is the case any more. Therefore I can see no justification for the high cost of Macs. The pricing structure, in my opinion, simply demonstrates that Apple holds a monopoly market.

  johndrew 16:28 20 Aug 2010

Is it just the OS that is different?

There appears to be a level of component difference as well. I'm not certain but I doubt you could simply swap cards between the two simply. Given this difference it is likely that there will be differences in elements of performance as well. This may extend to reliability which may be demonstrated within the pricing.

People don't always look for either the cheapest or the most expensive option when buying, they often look to see which will support their tasks better.

As for Apple having a monopoly, that is demonstrably wrong. Apple have a niche market which is not dissimilar to that held by the PC, or any other computer such as the Amiga.

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