MAC in under an hour from Tiscali.

  hastelloy 11:11 11 Mar 2007

A week last Saturday, I decided to ditch Tiscali. Rang to find the appropriate dept is only open office hours! I then made lots of calls (mostly to 0800 numbers) but was always referred back to the closed dept. Nobody was able to pass on my request. On Friday, I managed to leave work early so could ring when they were open (4.45 pm). Explained what I had been doing and was told there was no record of my request (no surprise there) and that it would take 24 hrs to generate my MAC. Rang off with an agreement that my MAC would be emailed to me the next day. Went back to PC at 6.30 pm to find 2 identical emails (sent at 5.42 pm)each with My MAC.
Just goes to show that it can be done!!!

  Kate B 11:46 11 Mar 2007

*faints in shock*

  Stuartli 14:51 11 Mar 2007

I can beat that. I've twice had e-mails containing my MAC inside 15 minutes (two in each case).

I didn't use the MAC on the first occasion, but did the second time round.

  Jimmy14 15:52 12 Mar 2007

Just after requesting my MAC from Tiscali.

  Totally-braindead 22:19 12 Mar 2007

I can only suggest that they were having an off day. I'm fairly sure this is not typical of Tiscali service.

And yes I'm afraid I'm with them and have been considering a move to another provider but am wondering if I'm better off with the devil I know.

  hastelloy 07:01 13 Mar 2007

From his other posts, I think Stuartli was with Tiscali so not a one off. My dilemma now is whether to congratulate them on good service or complain about the inaccessibility of their cancellation dept to people who work!!!!

Totally-braindead. I've been threatening to leave Tiscali for about a year and finally got so fed up with their unreliable speed etc that it overcame the inertia.

  Stuartli 07:40 13 Mar 2007

Yes, your memory is excellent. I was with Tiscali.

Hence the point that I could beat your time...:-)

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