mac showng deleated windows writing

  jackdouglas7 00:15 12 Dec 2012

Ive just emailed a document to a friend who when he opened it on his mac says its showing header and footer details that I have deleated on my windows desk pc. How do I fully remove these items that the mac picks up as using windows I cant see them anymore to get rid of them ?

  lotvic 00:41 12 Dec 2012

Is this a Word document? if so then what version Word are you using?

How did you delete the header and footer details? (What did you do)

Did you re-save the document with your changes before you emailed it? (he may have been able to undo your changes or the emailed doc was the unchanged version)

You could also check what info is saved within the 'Properties' of the document. (In word 2003, Properties is on File menu)

  jackdouglas7 18:12 12 Dec 2012

Where abouts are you ? I will have to ge them packed and weighed at post office but I dont expect it to be over £15.

  jackdouglas7 18:14 12 Dec 2012

Sorry about last post got emay and this forum mixed up.

  jackdouglas7 18:24 12 Dec 2012

Windows 7 office 2010,I just opened header and footers and highlighted and deleted. Ive also added sections and saved the blank document.

  lotvic 19:44 12 Dec 2012

If you deleted any information (that you had previously put in) in the headers and footers and then saved the document, and then emailed it there wouldn't have been any info in the headers and footers for him to see.. Had you previously put information in the headers and footers? Headers & Footers

  jackdouglas7 19:51 12 Dec 2012

Thats what I thought but it seems not.

  lotvic 19:55 12 Dec 2012

That's very strange. Have you asked him to email the document back to you so you can see what the headers and footers show for you?

  Woolwell 22:11 12 Dec 2012

Track changes will keep data but hidden. This may have become open on the mac Remove hidden data

  lotvic 01:14 13 Dec 2012

Woolwell, I just read your link..... Good Grief :O

Prepare for Sharing as per 'dr yes' and Track nothing simple anymore

  jackdouglas7 19:41 13 Dec 2012

All sorted now thanks. Found it in properties/details. Just deleated it and I think its sorted. Many thanks

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