"Mac OS X Leopard: Introducing Vista 2.0"

  powerless 21:08 07 Aug 2006

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So err, anyone interested in the new Mac OS X or is it just me? ;-))

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In Apples WWDC Keynote they did have a few diggs at Vista...

  Jimmy14 21:34 07 Aug 2006

I was going to start a thread earlier on with the title "hasta la vista, Vista" as in the Pc ADvisor news article but you bet me too it. I am interested in the New Mac OS X. I seen the banners at the WWDC and its now "BATTLE OF THE OS" :)):))

  powerless 22:15 07 Aug 2006
  Jdoki 16:18 10 Aug 2006

No, not interested at all. Perhaps if Macs offered more than just a slick OS I may be tempted.

However, paying over the top prices for faux PC's is not my idea of sensible.

I occassionaly have issues with Windows/PC's in general (along with most computers I've owned), but I find Mac's to be pretty horrible machines, and Apple's business practices are no better than Microsofts. When MS are seen to add features there's outcry over squeezing out third party developers - while Apple are applauded for 'adding value'.

  shellship 16:51 10 Aug 2006

Come 2007 when Intel Apples with the new growly OS Leo are available I shall be first in the queue (and I've been a PC man since the Sinclair and Commodore!). My son has an Apple and much prefers it to his old Dell.

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