Mac or Windows

  Madpad_001 15:50 30 Dec 2006

Hi all,

My wife has been good to me this xmas and said I can buy a new laptop. But I am not sure what to go for as I am split between a MAC or windows so would like some advice of this forum.

I have £1,000 to spend but don't want to spend that much if I don't have to.

I will mainly be playing games on it but will need to be able go online (WIFI) and do some boring work when needs must.

I know the mag does it's charts for Laptops is the chart available onLine? and ref the Mac is there any good sites to read up on the MAC OS.


  Diodorus Siculus 15:52 30 Dec 2006

If games are your main priority and you have a fixed budget then Windows will have to be the way to go; I really like Macs and may well get a dual boot one next time I'm getting a new laptop but for you I'd suggest Windows.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:53 30 Dec 2006

PS Macformat is a good magazine and wetsite click here

  powerless 16:05 30 Dec 2006

You won't get very far with games on Mac so I suggest you take a look at what games are available on the Mac. One game maybe just be for the PC and then again there may also be the same game also available for Mac.

Mac's can run Windows and you would need to use an application called BootCamp click here to get full power [so to speak] from the Mac. Virtulisation is no-no.

£1000 is a lot of money, but won't buy you a Mac that is capable of pumping out the frame rates for games. You would need to invest a [little] more to get a Mac with dedicated graphics. You'll need to look at the MacBook Pro range click here

However it all depends on what you want from the games and what games you play. The MacBook click here would be in your price range but it lacks a dedicated graphics card and the screen is not that big.

Is there an Apple Store near where you live? I suggest you take a visit and see what you like and talk to the apple employees. I'm sure they'd give you an example if you ask nicely ;-))

Your probably better going for a Windows notebook, if games are what you want more than anything else.

  Kate B 16:40 30 Dec 2006

I wouldn't even think about a laptop for gaming unless you've got the dosh to splurge on, say, an Alienware laptop. And they tend to defeat the object of a laptop as they're big and heavy - not exactly portable. If you want a gaming machine, I'd go for a Windows desktop: you'll be able to upgrade it as you go, which is much more difficult in a laptop.

Macs are wonderful: if I had a grand to spend on a laptop I'd certainly be buying another Mac - I've got a trusty three-year-old iBook which has done me proud; but I've got Windows gaming rig too.

  Madpad_001 16:47 30 Dec 2006

Thanks so far I have A stand alone that I upgrade for the most, I still go away from home alot so want a laptop/notebook to take with me for that reason

  Kate B 16:51 30 Dec 2006

If you're going to travel with your new lappy you definitely don't want a gaming beast, I promise you. My 2.2kg iBook feels a lot more than that by the time I've lugged it down to the gate at the airport. In your shoes I'd get an entry-level Macbook and put the rest of the money towards a nice Windows desktop.

  Madpad_001 07:30 31 Dec 2006

Thanks Kate I will most probley take that advice.

  Strawballs 10:32 31 Dec 2006

Why not get a PSP for you gaming on your travels?

  Madpad_001 10:09 03 Jan 2007

Thanks I have decided to go for a windows pc in the end!!

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