Mac mail always indicates 1 unread email

  icosohedron 19:28 16 Apr 2017

Mac mail always indicates there is 1 unread email, even though there is not (verified multiple times over). Apple took a whack at it, but cannot find the solution.

I've seen others have had the same problem, but from years ago and none of those solutions work. Is there any way to fix this? Is there a file to go into a reset something? Some other cause?

  wee eddie 20:07 16 Apr 2017

Look in the other Folders. Even the SpamFolder

  icosohedron 20:40 16 Apr 2017

Thanks for the reply. It's not the simple stuff. All folders have been checked. I've even disconnected mail from the server and started as if it is a new mail connection.

I hooked the email up to a new temporary user and didn't get the same thing, so there's something about my particular account that's making it think there's an unread email. Or more correctly, there's one of my mail files that has bad data. Unfortunately, Apple won't get involved in telling you to go into files and manually change.

  bremner 09:30 17 Apr 2017

I had the same problem and could only clear the issue by deleting the account and then recreating it.

  dss79 15:51 17 Apr 2017

Try Messages >Mark all as unread > reboot > mark all as read

  Sky_wayne 03:04 19 Apr 2017

I certainly have the same problem. I already tried everything but simply cant really figure it out.

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