Mac help

  Shutt1e 18:02 03 Sep 2006

i have a mac and was surfing the web and my screen went balcnk then a question mark with a camara came up and i cant access anything could some one help plz

  sean-278262 18:10 03 Sep 2006

What OS, What mac model. Please help us to help you by providing us with a selection of details about the system. What have you installed recently, the age of it and any new hardware.

  Shutt1e 18:18 03 Sep 2006

it is a mac g5 it is 2 years old and no new hard ware on it and we have installed nothing on it we can not access anything on it jst a camara wid a question mark in the middle of the screen

  Shutt1e 18:20 03 Sep 2006

sorry the camara changes from question mark to camara to question mark ect

  johnnyrocker 18:22 03 Sep 2006

have you tried a complete re boot?


  Shutt1e 18:28 03 Sep 2006

will that get rid of my programs

  Shutt1e 18:28 03 Sep 2006

and how do i do this

  ed-0 18:28 03 Sep 2006

is it also a question mark within a spinning disk?

  sean-278262 18:29 03 Sep 2006

click here

Is that any help, find the words "question mark" to find the part I refer to.

Can someone please explain a way to make it so the page loads to a specific point on the page as I dont know how.

  Shutt1e 21:30 03 Sep 2006

soory it is not a camara it is a flashing hapy mac sighn half light blue and half dark blue i dont no what to do it says insert a start up disc but i dont have one i have an install disc but i dont think that is it

  SANTOS7 22:22 03 Sep 2006

Flashing Question Mark (Serious Error)

You turn on your Mac and instead of getting a Happy Mac, you screen reflects a Computer with a Flashing Question (?) Mark.

Try to boot off the System CD that came with your computer. Hold down the C key to make the Mac boot off the CD-ROM.

Run the Program DISK FIRST AID, located in the Utilities Folder. Click on your hard drive and click repair.

Once any repairs are made, restart the computer and eject the CD-ROM. All should be back to normal

IN CASE THIS DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM, bring the Mac in for Service.

ANYTHING you do after this repair CAN RESULT in Data LOSS.

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