Mac G4: Toast 7, not enough disk space

  John B 18:36 28 Jan 2007

I have a G4 running Tiger. When trying to burn a DVD using Toast 7 Titanium, the software tells me that I do not have enough free hard-disk space.

I have added a second hard drive (which the Mac can see and use) but Toast still tries to find free space on the original drive.

I've looked at all of the Toast options and googled the problem, but I still can't get Toast to use the 2nd drive's free space.

Any ideas plesae?



  ed-0 18:59 28 Jan 2007

" I've looked at all of the Toast options and googled the problem, but I still can't get Toast to use the 2nd drives free space. "

Why don't you try it the easier way, see if it works.

Transfer some files > music > video's from the main hard drive to the second hard drive. This should give you the space you need for toast.

  John B 19:36 28 Jan 2007

I have tried moving the source file to different locations, including the 2nd drive and an external usb drive.

Toast still insists on trying to use the original drive for temporary space when attempting to burn a file to DVD and there is not enough space... so I can't burn the data.

  ed-0 19:38 28 Jan 2007

Why can't you create that space on the original drive? Move some data over, as above.

  ed-0 19:40 28 Jan 2007

have you deleted any programs you don't use and cleared the cache of your temp files, to gain extra space.

  John B 19:45 28 Jan 2007

I run toast and tell it what I want it to do.

The source file is dragged into the Toast window and I that's it... Not enough disk space! I can't find a way to tell Toast to use space on the other drive.

It insists on using space on the original drive.

So... I want to tell Toast to use another space but I don't know how!

  John B 19:47 28 Jan 2007

also, the original drive is mostly full of system and application data (it's only 8GB), hence fitting the 2nd drive.

  Technotiger 19:48 28 Jan 2007

Hi, maybe a Mac Forum would be a better bet ...

click here

Good luck.

  ed-0 19:53 28 Jan 2007

probably better on a mac forum


If the 2nd hard drive is larger than the original. Clone everything over to the larger drive and let it boot from there. You could then either keep the old drive as a standby backup or use that as a slave drive.

  John B 19:55 28 Jan 2007

I'll keep trying!

  John B 06:18 10 Feb 2007

In toast preferences the option to select a different drive is under 'converted items'.

Obvious now I've found it!

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