Mac G3 Powerbook os9 - Aol - or me? - Forum Chief?

  Diemmess 17:28 04 Nov 2003

Recently given this aging Mac for X platform purposes.

Loaded Aol (Mac v,5)and its a mite ancient in feel, but works for sending attachments to myself.

Tonight, instead of gazing at my navel I tried this forum (with the Powerbook) and was faced with a scrambled display at the top - only.

Forced my way to a clearer screen by a botched attempt at registering.

The thread list is clear with a slightly larger font, but if I open any thread most of the question is off the top of the screen, though the responses and abilty to post a thread is there. I can scroll down but not far enough up!

Before asking this question, I checked Google and BBC. both appeared normally readable/scrollable.

Any suggestions?

  Forum Editor 17:32 04 Nov 2003

Yes, don't use AOL version 5

  Diemmess 17:44 04 Nov 2003

That sounds pretty strong and sound advice.
Fortunately I don't (yet) need to use the Powerbook to access this forum.

Aol have a massive update for Mac OS X, but a G3 will not accept OS X without a fight. For me to go that path for the menial tasks it has to do, would be like buying a power shovel to clear a few leaves!

As I said it is so far only on this site that it is being silly, but I do like the new format you have engineered.

I said to the doubters - "fools and bairns shouldn't see things half done."

Now if you could just re-write things a little...............

  Kitz E Kat 17:49 04 Nov 2003

I got an old iMac G3 633MHz and loaded OSX , hitches ? a few, but it runs perfect, no prolems...had to up the memory to 256MB....

Its a great OS , pretty cheap, worth a shot in my opinion.......

And this site is perfect on it!!!!!!!

Kitz E

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