MAC code for wireless

  kelemvor 22:07 06 Aug 2007

Hi, I'm trying to register my laptop on my netgear wireless router as it doesn't seem to want to connect it otherwise (I have a dell btw)

Anyway, the wireless is in built i.e not a seperate card and I can't find the MAC code on the bottom of the computer.

Does anyone kmow how I can find out what the MAC code is (preferably without voiding my warranty)? Is there something in the system or control panel that would help?


  Taff™ 22:11 06 Aug 2007

Control Panel>Network Connections then right click the Wireless Connection and select Properties and on the general tab click configure. The MAC code is at the bottom.

  kelemvor 22:36 06 Aug 2007

I've tried that (I'm using XP) but the MAC code isn't displayed. I just end up in the 'Dell wireless 1390 wlan mini card' menu with not much info

The overall problem that I have is that I have 2 laptops, one of which will simply connect wirelessly to the internet via my router and this one that seems to be resisting.

I am using WEP, but the keys have been entered correctly on both machines.

Any ideas why I may be having difficulty? I am able to connect wirelessly to other networks (e.g. my friends NTL) with this laptop, but it doesn't seem to like this network (except via lan cable)

  dan* 22:42 06 Aug 2007

Check your mac address filtering in the routers setup. If it is enabled, it will block any other attempts to merge with the router.

If it is, disable it, set all machines up and rescan the list, then enable the mac address filtering to stop other machines trying to use your router.

  kelemvor 22:49 06 Aug 2007

I have turned the filtering off as it seemed to make no difference. So it should be accessible to all as long as they have the wep key.

So basically do you think I need to re-setup the network ?

  Mad Mick 23:12 06 Aug 2007

Every network device has a discrete MAC number. It is either written on it, or you can find it by opening a cmd window (Start - Run - cmd) and typing ipconfig /all The MAC address is listed as the Physical Address and is in the format xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx where x can be a number or the letters A - F. Your router may have a facility for restricting the wireless adapters that can get IP addresses to those you list (mine is under Firewall as MAC Address Filtering). Enter the MAC addresses of ALL the adapters in your system - outsiders will not then be able to join your network.

  dan* 23:18 06 Aug 2007

" I have turned the filtering off as it seemed to make no difference. So it should be accessible to all as long as they have the wep key."

It should, was it on the list?

  dan* 23:19 06 Aug 2007

Also when you look into the laptops wireless configuration, the one that will not connect. Does it see the router?

  Taff™ 06:21 07 Aug 2007

Just a thought - Is the wireless device switched on? It must be enabled in Network Connections and there may be either a physical switch on the laptop or a combination of the Fn key and one of the Function Keys to switch it on.

  kelemvor 19:00 08 Aug 2007

The netwrok is displayed in the 'view wireless network connections' window, but when I click on connect it tries for an age and then says not connected, but the 'connect' button at the bottom says disconnect... weird

I know that the wifi card works as I have used it on other networks. I have also made sure that the filtering is off so that any computer can connect as long as it has the WEP codes (which I do)

  cream. 19:12 08 Aug 2007

try turning off the routers firewall and windows firewall.

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