MAC code when service provider unknown??

  Superstylin 11:33 21 Feb 2007

hi there. i've just moved into a new flat and want to set up broadband. unfortunately the last tenant hasn't cancelled their broadband and so i need a MAC code. they haven't left me with details of the service provider and now the landlady can't get in touch with them!

is there anyway i can find this mac code?? tried BT but they said they couldn't do it

  xania 13:13 21 Feb 2007

Probably the easier way would be to get BT to install abrand new line. After all, you don't really want to be pestered by the last tenants friends, or ememies, ringing at all times of the day or night. New line - no need for MAC code.

  Superstylin 15:17 21 Feb 2007

when u say new line i assume u just mean a new phone number?? (sorry if that's as thick as can be!)

  Bailey08787 15:38 21 Feb 2007

can't suggest where you need to look superstylin

but mac codes are free

getting a new line installed i imagine is not

  xania 16:00 21 Feb 2007

Yes - I do mean a new number. BT should be able to do this without a significant (if any) charge. You could even have brought your old number with you - may not be too late.

click here

  Superstylin 16:12 21 Feb 2007

unfortunately i'm unable to move the phone number from my last residence because it's still in use from old flatmates....i'll look into getting a new line and see what (if any) charge there is

  Meshuga 16:43 21 Feb 2007

Try asking your local post sorting office if the previous tenant arranged for post to be redirected. If so write to them at the old address where you are now and it will be redirected.

  Stuartli 17:10 21 Feb 2007

You also need to ensure that you are not responsible for maintaining payments to the unknown ISP if the service was not cancelled.

  Superstylin 16:47 22 Feb 2007

genius idea meshuga but unfortunately we're still getiing all their post. good thinking though!
i rang BT last night and apparently i can't change phone numbers. instead they said to ring the new service provider, sky, and they have to contact BT wholesale in order to get the mac code.
so i rang sky and they said they hadn't heard of the situation before so kept me on hold for a while. then when they got back they just said they'd pass my details to another department and they'd sort out the connection. i'm awaiting a response to say i have the go ahead. i forgot to ask for an 'eta' though stupidly

  Superstylin 18:37 01 Mar 2007

well this is turning into a right mess! i rang sky to get an update on the situation but there is suddenly no record of having been passed to this other 'special' dept and sky are back to saying that it's bt who need to sort it out. then i go to bt and they say sky need to sort it out. back and forth. what a farce.

apparently bt wholesale have the ability to 'clear' the line but bt tell me sky needs to contact them to arrange this. i can't do it myself. sky tell me they can't do this because they don't have authority to!

meanwhile i'm still trying to get my landlord to contact the previous tenant who is being left messages but not replying!

god i'm angry

  xania 16:31 03 Mar 2007

Frankly, I admire your patience. I think you've been mucked about too long. Tell them both they've got 24 hours to sort this out then click here

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