MAC code- what exactly does it do?

  jack 12:09 28 Nov 2010

I am aware that if one wishes to move from one ISP to another, a MAC code has to be applied for from the existing supplier to pass to the new one.
Why- what is the requirement for this and what does it do?
It is a given that this is done- but if you are new to the internet presumabley you sign up as a new account end of story - no MAC code.
I ask because my existing ISP is closing in January and they have posted in great detail the implications of what will happen and to apply for a MAC code.
But if after the closure date they no longer exist - why would its clients such such a code- there is no 'migration' after January the user is in limbo he/she has to start over.
So what is a MAC code all about

  [email protected] 12:17 28 Nov 2010

Have a look here :-

click here

  [email protected] 14:52 28 Nov 2010

It simplifies the changeover process so that the end-user should barely notice it happen - i.e. downtime in kept to a minimum.

Without using one, you would have to be cut off from your existing ISP, then wait for them to release it, then wait while your new ISP takes over your line and sets it up again. You're probably looking a few weeks this way.

  Forum Editor 15:07 28 Nov 2010

from Speakers Corner.

  Batch 16:44 28 Nov 2010

Think of it this way, the MAC is an authorisation to the new ISP to takeover the broadband connection on your line and the old ISP is expecting that to happen as they have issued the MAC (which uniquely identifies the service on that line).

Without the MAC, if the new ISP tried to takeover the service (whilst it was still in service with the old ISP), the old ISP would have no idea whether it is a valid switch or not. A recipe for chaos I think.

If you don't go down the MAC route, you would have to cancel the service with your existing ISP and wait a period of time (maybe a couple of weeks or so) for that line to be fully and formally freed up and then request a service from a new ISP.

  Batch 19:37 28 Nov 2010

In fact the clue is in the name - Migration Authorisation Code

  jack 19:59 28 Nov 2010

Or is is my inabilityt o express my self cogently.
You wrote
'In fact the clue is in the name - Migration Authorisation Code'
I know that, but I do not wish to 'migrate' from my current ISP.
It is shutting up shop -its going away.
I shall have to find a new place.
From Jan 14 2011 my ISP will be no more,defunct, dead.
I shall have to find a new home.
As a new customer , not seeking a new refuge.

  [email protected] 20:17 28 Nov 2010

If you use a MAC then you should not have any major interruption to your service.

If you don't then you will likely be offline for several weeks while your new ISP sets up the line again.

  Algerian peter 21:46 28 Nov 2010

Imagine a MAC code as a microsoft windows 7 lincence.

Only one person on one computer can use that licence.
It is the same with a MAC code. Only one ISP can use that line to provide broadband.

The company who provides the broadband or will next provide the broadband needs that specific code to authorise them to supply you with broadband. That is why you cannot have two broadbund suppliers threw your telephone line.

  Batch 22:36 28 Nov 2010

If u wait till 14 Jan when the old ISP dies (is it UKonline by any chance?) b4 u apply for a new ISP u will likely have quite some down time - u would have to wait until the old ISP service is properly and fully terminated before the new ISP would accept your application. Even if this was 14 Jan, a new ISP would then take several days to set up the new service after receiving your application.

If u get a MAC and xfer b4 14-Jan u should only be down for a few hours. U get the MAC from the old ISP, supply it to the new ISP when u apply for the service and, in using it, several days later they are able to arrange for the old service to be dropped and the new one to be instigated several days with only a small gap in the service.

I think it's an easy choice.

  Graham. 23:29 28 Nov 2010

Please don't use text speak. You lose in the respect and value of your contribution.

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