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  Bruz 13:03 06 Sep 2008

A friend of mine has just cancelled her Broadband and phone service with no intentions of ever going onto broadband again. He claims he will use the free dial-up services.
If however he does want to try broadband again how long would it take him to get a mac code?
Cheers Bruz

  Technotiger 13:14 06 Sep 2008

How can he/she? use dial-up without a telephone?

  Fingees 13:50 06 Sep 2008

If he has come to the end of a contract, and doesn't want to go with another isp, for broadband.

Then he should not nhave to obtain a mac code to go with anyone else, as his isp will have cancelled, and he will not be migrating.

A mac code is o0nly required if you want to transfer without any down time.

  tullie 13:57 06 Sep 2008

Maybe the phone line is still active?
What free services are available,never heard of free internet?

  Technotiger 16:15 06 Sep 2008

Hi, maybe I misunderstood the question - if the phone line is still active the Service still has to be paid for. Free dial-up is readily available, click here

  FatboySlim71 16:23 06 Sep 2008

Did your friend have a bad experience or something similar with his ISP/phone services?

By the sounds of it your friend has been with one of the "you can get broadband, telephone from us for only £?? a month".

I have heard of too many bad experiences with these big name places.

If the reason your friend has canceled the broadband/telephone service is because of a bad experience, then my advice would be this. Try somewhere else, there are loads of other ISP's around who will give better service than the big names. I'm with a lesser known/smaller ISP and the service is fantastic, much much better than the big names I have been with in the past.

I think your friend will miss broadband if they go back to dialup to be honest.

If you friend does have a change of mind then I would suggest they get their telephone from one place and their broadband for another, IMO for a phone service and broadband service for a really low price then IMO something has to suffer, throttled speeds, dire customer service for example, its the case of if its too cheap to be true then it nearly always is.

In case your friend has a change of mind I have provided a link to a site that has numerous ISP ratings, personally I would only consider using the top 5 or maybe 10. You will see how most of the big named ISP's get a slating

click here

  Bruz 21:55 06 Sep 2008

Your posts are much appreciated, the free dial-up is connect4free they use an 0844 number at 1p per minute evenings and weekends. Your comments about broadband I have taken on board and should he want that service again I will tell him about them. He is in the wrong area to get cheep broadband even sky will want £17.00 for their BB service in this area, they call it connect. Talk Talk want £15.00 per month so this gives you some Idea of the problem. Sky custmers pay a fiver and Talk Talk is free, not in this area, YET. He is only a light user so dial-up will not be a problem for a while. We know that it is slow but it does not drop out ever five minutes needing 5 & 6p a minute phone calls to androids that read stories to you from a screen.
Thanks again for your help
Cheers Bruz

  bluto1 22:31 06 Sep 2008


  CurlyWhirly 11:06 07 Sep 2008

"If however he does want to try broadband again how long would it take him to get a mac code?"

If he went back to dial-up and has cancelled his broadband service then, should he decide to go back to broadband in the future, he will have to pay BT (Openreach) to activate his line again which will cost £47 (current price).

Having said this, in some cases, if you agree to a 12 month contract then this activation fee is paid by the ISP.

I used to be with Zen (who use BT's network) but have decided to go to O2 (who have recently unbundled my exchange) to save money and get faster broadband speeds.

I don't mind entering into a 12 month contract with O2 as they have paid the fee that I would have had to pay and I can still leave within 12 months if I pay them a £50 fee which covers what they have paid already.

To see what is available at your exchange then go to click here and enter your phone number and postcode.

Here's what's available at my exchange:

click here

I have 6 unbundled services.

Hope this helps.

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