MAC address filtering

  Doire_Bhoy 13:34 12 Dec 2005

On my Belkin security page, do i need to enter the MAC address
of the Router ?

or the computer im using?

  Doire_Bhoy 13:35 12 Dec 2005

Its a wireless connection by the way

  Thalmus 13:44 12 Dec 2005

there is no need to.

If you enter your mac address then the router will only let yuor computer connect to the router.

it can be a good securtiy measure if only your computer connects to it. However, if you want other computers to connect to it then you will need to add their mac addresses also.

When i set up a wireless network i never bother with WEP/WPA encription and just use the MAC filter

  Doire_Bhoy 13:51 12 Dec 2005

Thanks for the reply Thalmus.

Ever since i started using WPA and MAC address filtering my wireless connection keeps cutting off or not connecting at all.

So i just add the MAC address of the Computer im using?

  Thalmus 13:54 12 Dec 2005

yup and then only your computer can connect to your router.

The wireless network will be listed as unsecure but the only computers that can connect will be the ones on the mac address list

  Doire_Bhoy 13:56 12 Dec 2005

Ok thanks, i will give it a go.

  Chegs ®™ 13:59 12 Dec 2005

What about MAC address spoofing apps,you not worried that a "drive-by" bandwidth theif might login to your connection?

  Doire_Bhoy 14:05 12 Dec 2005

What do you recommend then Chegs?

I installed the wireless netowrk at home a few weeks back without WEP or WPA or MAC address filtering. The connection was fine and i had no problems.

However i set up WPA.
Now when i turn on my cant get a connection and when it does the signal is low and the internet then cuts off.

So to get online i have to delete the network account and set up WPA and a network key again.

  Thalmus 14:07 12 Dec 2005

They would have to know what the mac address to 'spoof' is first.

and anyone with this knowledge would easly be able to bypass the WPA/WEP encryption anyway

  Chegs ®™ 14:41 12 Dec 2005

"easly be able to bypass the WPA/WEP encryption anyway"

The MAC address is easy to harvest,its displayed in the SSID.Turn it off.

WEP/WPA encryption is possible to hack(I have several "live" CD's with wireless hacking tools,they're freely available online)but requires many thousands of packets collected for analysis.

My suggestion would be...

Use a combination of WEP/WPA,with MAC address and IP address filtering(I do)Then its quite likely the drive-by thief will do just that,drive-by,only keep going and look for an easier target.There are hundreds of totally unprotected LAN's about.

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