Lost password on machine

  Doire_Bhoy 14:50 12 Oct 2005

The youth club my sis works in have forgotten their password. I know theres a jumper on the MB that must be taken off then put back on to clear the password.

Any ideas where its located? What slot/socket would it be next to.


  DieSse 15:02 12 Oct 2005

What password is this?

  DieSse 15:07 12 Oct 2005

If you mean a jumper to clear the CMOS password, which comes up on a text screen on it's own, in the middle of the screen (usually), when initially starting the system up - then it's usually nearish to the battery. The motherboard manual will show where - not all motherboards are the same. Otherwise you can take the battery out - leave it out for 2-3 hrs.

I find it difficult to beleive nobody can remember a password that would have to be input every time the system is switched on!

If you're talking about a password to get into Windows, that's a very different kettle of fish.

  Doire_Bhoy 15:08 12 Oct 2005

Win 2000 machine. Its a local machine (not on a domain)..... could i just hit Cntrl+Alt+DeL at login and then change if from there?

  Doire_Bhoy 15:09 12 Oct 2005

The youth club is closed during the summer (for 3 months) and only re-opened on monday night

  BurrWalnut 15:14 12 Oct 2005

So ALL the users have memories shorter than 3 months?

  Doire_Bhoy 15:16 12 Oct 2005

Memories like sieves

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:17 12 Oct 2005

Try this:

1- boot to the windows 2000 CD ,

2- press enter to start setup ,

3- press F8 for the license

agreement ,

4- when you get the option to repair the current installation press R to do so ,

5- let it run through and For windows 2000 wait until it is registering components then press shift F10 to open a command prompt.

6- windows 2000 type in "control.exe" w/o quotation marks and press enter. This should open up the control panel in 2000.

7- select the users and change or remove their passwords accordingly, apply settings and close the control panel windows and command prompt windows so that just setup is running again. ,

8- let the inplace upgrade finish.

The user should now be able to log in when it finishes and not have to reinstall the programs like in a parallel install.

  Doire_Bhoy 15:22 12 Oct 2005

Cheers Fruitbat. I'll give it a go tonight.

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