Looking for mean, lean animating machine. Advice?

  relinquiae 15:31 29 Jan 2008

Hi. I am looking for a new desktop, as my laptop is giving up the ghost (Dell let themselves down with the inspiron 6000), and I want to have something that I can upgrade and add to in the future.

I am looking for just the tower (I don't need any more monitors or keyboards!) and I need it to be quite high powered...But I also need it to be cheap as I've just finished a degree and am mighty poor!

It needs to be able to run high-end 3D and 2D animation programs, as well as games to aid my procrastination!

Any idea what minimum spec I should go for, and what company I should buy with?

I was looking at Novatech, but have since read some reviews on them and have heard some bad things.

Any advice?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:49 29 Jan 2008

click here have just bought something similar.


  relinquiae 17:36 29 Jan 2008

Thanks for the link Gandalf! I have heard good things about them, and it seems a good price. However I'm paranoid about the machine I buy not being powerful enough for my animation programs. I use programs such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Toonboom, Adobe CS2 etc..and I have had a lot of trouble with machines stuttering and even crashing when working the programs. (even my old university's computers..in the suite built for the animation course!)
Does the cougar seem to run cinema4D with ease? I haven't used that program but I don't think it would put as much pressure on the pc as Maya! (devil of a program...don't use it unless you have to! :P)

Sorry, I tend to ramble..but paranoid about parting with what little cash I have :P

  citadel 18:29 29 Jan 2008

there should be pc's coming out with the new penryn quad core cpu's, these are fast, efficient and have 12mb of cache. part no's start with 9 eg. q9550

  iscanut 19:42 29 Jan 2008

Phone Cougar Systems and have a chat with them

0115 9756767 or 9756868

or email [email protected]

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:48 29 Jan 2008

The Cougar runs Cinema 4D & CS2 excellently as well as Flash Suite but Maya is not on the computer. I'm putting Realflow on next week so that should test it.


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