Linux & XP- how to do it on 1 machine

  duplo 16:12 28 May 2003

Hello there.

I have just reinstalled XP, which means I have everything backed up. I though this would be an opotunity to try linux, using duel boot.

I have linux 8.0 downloaded on 5 CD's- how do I go about setting up duel boot.

I have two HD, XP on a 40GB Master, and then a 120GB drive partitioned into to 60gb sections.

I may asked this befor, but I never had the guts to give it ago since I needed my PC for Uni, which I have now finsihed!


  woodchip 16:28 28 May 2003

You need Partition Magic, using the above to resize your partition ie make it smaller. You need about 3 to 4Gb free space on your Hard Drive to load Linux you do not need to partition, Linux will see the free space and offer to load it there

  duplo 16:45 28 May 2003

Cant I just install it on my second hard drive? I dont really want to install it on the same HD as XP.

Also, say I install it- how do I pick which system to use- I used to have xp/2k and I could pick which one I wanted to boot!

  dth 16:53 28 May 2003

Linux is very easy to set up and you should not have problems - using the CDs. If your Win XP system is set up as FAT rather than NTFS - then you can access all your windows files when using Linux.

One tip I would give is when Linux is setting up - check the bootloader section and select he floppy disc opion. This will then create a start up disc for Linux rather than alter your existing boot-up settings. So when you start your P/C up it will automatically start with Windows XP. If you want to run Linux - use the floppy disc.

Good luck and please post back on how you find Linux

  dth 16:55 28 May 2003

Sorry posts have crossed.

Yes set up on your second hard disc (easier to get rid of if you don't like it). See the comments on the booting settings above.

  duplo 16:59 28 May 2003

OK... will let you know- i'll keep this post open in the mean time!


  duplo 17:34 28 May 2003

I ran a CD test- it failed cd1 and 3. I dont see how there could be somthing wrong, I dont really want to download it again. I used getright to download it, on BB.

I was thinking of just going for it. Is the cd test a reliable indecation?

  woodchip 18:00 28 May 2003

The second Hard Drive need's no Partition so you need to remove the partition if any on it

  duplo 18:02 28 May 2003

I dont want to use the whole drive though, I'm more worried about the CD's failing! Is the test reliable?

  zanwalk 19:10 28 May 2003

I would give it a go and see if the cd's are alright, you won't do any harm as long as you make sure that you install to the correct drive. Linux will ask you what size partition to make as long as you opt for the advanced install, and not the default automatic.

If you want to be sure of protecting your XP installation, disconnect the first HD, reset the jumper on the current slave and connect as Master, that way you will be certain.

Floppy booting advice above is sound, if you decide to keep it, you can always install a bootloader later.

  duplo 19:40 28 May 2003

Thanks... since I am going out soon I shall give it a go on thursday/friday... i'll keep you posted!

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