Lenovo U series or macbook pro. need some choosing help.

  alxste 15:26 27 Feb 2013

So i've basically got 3 choices, originally I wanted a macbook but im a little concerned about compatabilty. so i wanted a unibody aluminum for strenght and the macbook is the obvious first thought, however i came across the lenovo U series. they look similar so im hoping that they are similar in strength ( i know of the shoddy keaboard and wifi issue but ill be buying them all direct from builders) . basically I need a laptop for photoshop, artrage and other graphics/illustration/film/photography programs! The macbook I can afford is the bottom line one; key fefarutes: i5, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd. for £1000, however I can get it new from apple for £700, the lenovos i like are the u410 priced at 800 pounds and i can get it for £680. This features an i7, 8gb of ram, 1tb hdd plus 24gb ssd, gt610m graphics. the u510 is the same price as the u410 so £680, this is slightly better as it has the same of everything but also has a disk drive and a gt625m!

I know i probably sound dumb but theres something about mac's they never seem to break! and for the price difference I may aswell go mac. (If it will perform as well as the lenovos)

Main question is, which to buy?!? I really dont want to make the wrong choice as this money was given to me by my grandmother when she died to put towards necessities.

I will be using the things I said above however I currently have photoshop, fraps and other programs I would like to use on this laptop. My computor they are on at the moment is windows so I guess they may be only compatioble with the lenovos!

Thanks all!

  lotvic 00:24 28 Feb 2013

I think your choice will largely depend on the existing software programs you have, Photoshop etc and if the versions you have are transferable to a Mac with the Product keys you have. AFAIK you will need the CD for Photoshop for Mac to be able to install it on a Mac.

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