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  Kate B 14:24 08 Apr 2005

I'm very close to ordering my dream PC ... any thoughts on this spec would be welcome (but thoughts on my financial sanity would be less so)!

Voodoo OMEN x:121a Extreme Gamer PC
Voodoo Performance and Stability Re-Engineering
Voodoo Renowned Cabling System
IS09001:2000 Quality Control Standards
Voodoo Disaster Recovery System II
Free VoodooPC T-Shirt
Voodoo Koeskin System Binder
Voodoo EDGE Aluminium Mousing Surface
Voodoo Illuminated Mask & Airbox
Voodoo MAGA Aluminium Chassis
Eye of the Storm and Electric Veins
ASUS A8N-SLi Deluxe Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 FX-55
Voodoo 600 Watt Noisetaker 2.0
Voodoo f:5 Supercharged Intercooler
2 Gig Crucial Ballistix DDR-400 Kit
LiteOn 16-48 DVD & CD Reader
Pioneer Dual Layer 16X DVD+-RW
250 GiG HGST Sata 7200 RPM
OMEN Molded Digital Card Reader
nVidia Geforce 6800 Ultra SLi X 2
Voodoo On-Board 8-Channel Audio System
Voodoo GIGABIT Ethernet Connection
Worldwide Shipping
Voodoo GameDoctor - 1 Year Membership
Halflife2 Bronze Edition
FUEL Software Essentials v2.0
Windows XP Professional
Standard Select Upgrade Assurance
Voodoo PlatinumCare 1 Year

  g0slp 14:55 08 Apr 2005

You've got too much time on your hands, Kate!

Better get well soon, or your plastic will be taking a pasting...

  Kate B 15:01 08 Apr 2005

Thanks for the good wishes, g0slp! I am actually thinking of buying that machine ... the money is available ...!

  Cal 15:20 08 Apr 2005

The sort of machine Halflife 2 was invented for.

See you online Kate.

  Charence 15:23 08 Apr 2005

How much would something like that cost? And what does one look ilke?

  Bleep 15:34 08 Apr 2005

250 GiG HGST Sata 7200 RPM ?

I'd want at least 10,000rpm drives if I were buying a machine with the all the other great components in it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:42 08 Apr 2005

I'm with Bleep on this. I would want a pair of Western Digital Raptors in a RAID 0 array to back up all the other fast bits. I use just such an arrangement now and they are very fast.

  oldone 16:47 08 Apr 2005

Kate, any thoughts on which monitor you will get to compliment your dream? One with a 12ms response time would do.

  Forum Editor 17:12 08 Apr 2005

at the traffic lights in that thing Kate - I'll feel all inadequate.

  Kate B 17:14 08 Apr 2005

Thanks for the advice on the hard drives, guys - that's something I don't know much about. oldone, I'm thinking a 24" TFT, praps the Apple one as the video card options on that machine won't support the 30" one. I know that only has a 16ms response time but they look absolutely totally gorgeous ...

  pauldonovan 17:26 08 Apr 2005

...if you'll enjoy the benefit of those 2 x 6800 Ultra beauties with a 16ms response time on your monitor.

But amazing PC...makes my arrival on Thursday look a bit pathetic ;)

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