kindle ipad

  bendigo 15:33 27 May 2011

Has anyone got for and against views on the amazon kindle ipad book reader?

  wee eddie 15:40 27 May 2011

FE reckons that the Kindle is the best thing since sliced bread.

I assume that by referring to it as the 'amazon kindle ipad', without any punctuation, that you are referring to its shape rather than comparing the Amazon Kindle with the iPad.

  ams4127 18:57 27 May 2011

There is no such thing as a "Kindle iPad Book reader"

You can either buy and use an Amazon Kindle to read books or use the Kindle app on an iPad.

Personally, I find the Kindle to be better for reading books than using the iPad to do so. My reason is the brightness of the iPad's screen (yes, I know you can turn it down) gives me a headache after about an hour. Also, the Kindle is much easier to read outside in the sunshine because the screen is nowhere near as refeective as the iPad's

  bendigo 19:55 27 May 2011

My question was asking about the plus and minus points of the amazon kindle as a book reader. I am not interested in any other appliance. Question for wee eddie,pardon my ignorance but who or what is FE?

  onionskin 21:55 27 May 2011

The big minus is not being able to borrow books from public libraries, but that is coming in the US later this year see here. No news of when we'll get it in the UK.

  wee eddie 22:28 27 May 2011

bendigo, FE is the Forum Editor, scourge of Spammers and general font of a staggering amount of knowledge. So much knowledge that I sometimes wonder if he manages on just one brain like the rest of us.

  ams4127 23:12 27 May 2011

"My question was asking about the plus and minus points of the amazon kindle as a book reader"

So why include the word iPad in your question (twice)?

  lotvic 00:59 28 May 2011

I was confused about Kindle Apps at first. I have downloaded the App for Windows PC so that I can try out the Kindle Books before I decide whether or not to buy a Kindle. Yes, a 'proper' Kindle is better to read from than a desktop pc, but I had to start somewhere... ;)

I suggest you try out the free App for the iPad and then decide if you want/need the better screen that you get with a 'proper' Kindle.

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