Kindle 3 or IPAD?

  Marko797 13:16 11 Dec 2010

Toying with getting one of the above for the 'other half' as it's been 'hinted' at - well kindle 3 has been hinted at.

Yes, she reads books, and yes she already has a laptop.

Is the best option to get the kindle 3 book reader - which only has this function as far as I am aware, or would the IPAD be the better option as it has other useful functions? I've read that the IPAD display is much better than kindle 3, and accepts all book formats, whereas kindle 3 might not.

It's arguable, of course, that these other functions are covered by the laptop, so would be duplication of what she has already.

Cost isn't the main issue, but getting it right is, of course.

If it was your choice, which would you pick, and why?

Grateful for any thoughts for/against.

  HondaMan 13:37 11 Dec 2010

Try this link. It helped me decide. click here

  Marko797 13:41 11 Dec 2010

so which did u choose?

  Marko797 13:46 11 Dec 2010

which I've just been reading, have made a good point for kindle 3, insofar as it can be read in sunny conditions.

Plus, would you want to be taking your iPad to the beach? Methinks not.

The weight of the iPad would also need to be considered I suppose, and the kindle 3 seems to be lighter, portable, and more able to be slotted into a woman's handbag - i.e for reading on the plane/airport lounge, for example.

  bremner 14:36 11 Dec 2010

You are really not comparing like for like.

If all you want is a reader then the iPad can immediately be discarded and you should compare the Kindle with other readers like the Sony Reader

If you want a computer that is also a good reader then you can discount the Kindle and compare the iPad with something like the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  acfc 15:51 11 Dec 2010

Agree with Bremner

I bought my wife a Kindle and was so impressed I bought myself one within 2 weeks (you can share books on a single account). For reading books it is ideal and less tiring than an reading on an LCD screen. In addition it is relatively cheap so taking it on holiday or away to the beach is less of a worry

However I also bought her a laptop for her photos, music and web surfing but she would never read a book on it!

So the real question is what she would use the device for?

  Marko797 16:14 11 Dec 2010

thnx, my own research and your comments helped focus the mind. It's not for me but for the wife. She has a laptop already, so I'll just get her the reader. Thnx for taking the time.

  HondaMan 16:35 11 Dec 2010

Kindle 3

  morddwyd 21:26 11 Dec 2010

The Kindle also has a browser, albeit a bit clunky, but you can still check your emails and stuff on the beach or wherever.

  Forum Editor 00:11 12 Dec 2010

your wife should be delighted with the Kindle. I have a Kindle 3 (well actually I have two of them, but that's another story), and I'm a big fan. Reading is a delight, email is a bonus, and you can load up PDF files to your heart's content. You can also play MP3 music files, of that's your thing.

The iPad is a different animal altogether, there's no real point in comparing the two, as has already been pointed out.

  Marko797 11:57 12 Dec 2010

to all. Kindle 3 ordered.

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