iphone itunes problems..dear oh dear apple!

  arminmckidd 17:55 09 Sep 2011

Hi, so i have a rather annoying problem. Since my laptop died about 2 weeks ago, when i got a new laptop I tried to sync some music (well mainly music and apps) to my iPhone. But the problem I've come across is everytime i try to do that it gives me a message: "erase iphone" to sync or something to that effect.

i've scoured and trawled the internet, searching through various forums to find an answer but all i can find is problems with syncing transfers?

ive tried tampering with the itunes library xml file (copied from old laptop HDD) but i havent found anything concrete. what can i do to solve this? thanks.

  arminmckidd 15:28 10 Sep 2011

anyone got any ideas?

  john bunyan 17:19 10 Sep 2011

I only know something about the iPod Touch, but I think it is the same as the phone. You are "allowed" up to 5 PC's per AApple account. I asume you have , via iTunes estabished your account and password on the new PC? Also I always set iTunes not to auto synch, as in our house we have a couple of iTunes accounts, each with different libraries or playlists. (In iTunes,Preferences,Devices -tick box "do not auto synch"). You do not say how you moved the iTunes Media to the new PC. I asume you downloded the latset iTunes to it and used a USB HD to copy the media? When you connect the iPhone, do drivers get installed and does it show as a device? A bit more detail may help someone to help.

  arminmckidd 20:50 10 Sep 2011

Hi John, thanks for the response and sorry about the lack of info..

well yes I have already authorised my new laptop with itunes and also made sure iv ticked the 'prevent iphone from syncing automatically' in the preferences. and yes i actually took the OLD laptop's hard drive and fitted it with an enclosure and now acts as an external HDD and thats how i transferred my music across...and yes i downloaded itunes from the apple site, installed it, literally dragged all the music in and thats it. and to answer your last question, yes the iphone loads the drivers just fine and i can even access my photos from My Computer so i know its working fine. It even comes up in iTunes so yeah.

i really think it has something to do with the iTunes library. Like i said I tried to copy the old laptops music library and library xml files to the exact location to where the new laptops music is located but i really cant think of anything else to do?

more info:

OLD LAPTOP--- dell xps m1530--windows 7 ultimate--4GB

NEW LAPTOP dell inspiron--windows 7 home premium--4GB

thanks again.

  john bunyan 21:15 10 Sep 2011

USMB. a bit puzzling. I remember a similar problem when I copied my grand daughter's i Tunes to her computer. As a suggestion you can create a new library by holding down the shift key (keep it pressed until the box appears) whist launching iTunes, or even it may show your library if you know where it is filed if you press choose library. If this works i Tunes defaults on launch to the last library selected. I switch between 2 as my grand childrens love of Eminem etc clashes with my Rolling stones! Good luck, do come back. You seem to have a good knowledge of a rather difficult programme!With a bit of luck you may locate the lost library, or at least easily make a new one.

  john bunyan 21:33 10 Sep 2011

PS iTunes library in my case is in F:/MyDocuments/My Music /i tunes - where F: is my data partition. I also have one in .... /My Music/Oma&Opa iTunes! I have renamed this as I have two entirely different libraries.

  gengiscant 08:13 11 Sep 2011

The way I have always done it because of the ridiculous way that itunes treats a new installation of its software and an existing iphone/ipod etc.

What I have done, in the past, is installed a new copy of itunes then copied the whole of the old itunes folder to the new one, answering yes when asked if you want to replace existing files.

I now use Copytrans Get it here which works as Apples itunes should if only they would listen to the many complaints such as yours. Unfortunately Copytrans does not copy your apps across which again can be a pain if you have plenty.

  arminmckidd 16:05 11 Sep 2011

thanks for the great suggestions guys. I really dont care about anything other than my current iPhone config (how everything looks and general settings) and also the apps. I have an app called AwesomeNote and it has all my most valuable work notes on. I have synced it with my evernote/gdocs accounts but starting from scratch is so unnecessary and frankly a pain in the @ss.

if only there was a way to get iTunes to act as if nothing has happened and sync as normal.

thanks again.

  gengiscant 16:39 11 Sep 2011

My way by copying everything across to the new folder will work. But you should have a back up of your work stuff anyway.

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